TruGreen cut the first turf by going virtual


TruGreen Professional Lawncare is proud to announce its positive step into the world of revolutionised working by going completely virtual during the COVID-19 pandemic to support its stakeholders.

TruGreen is one of the first of six ServiceMaster franchise brands to go fully virtual during lockdown and despite trepidation in the beginning, has continuously provided a full range of support services to franchisees, prospective business owners and customers alike.

Existing TruGreen business owners were able to safely continue to provide lawn care services throughout the pandemic due to strict social distancing and COVID-19 protocols set following government advice. They were also fortunate in that their business management system (exclusive to TruGreen business owners) is entirely remote. As such, it can be accessed anywhere in the world via laptop or tablet, so working from home was no concern.

As a franchisor, we have a responsibility to support our franchisees and were able to do this effectively through using video conferencing technology to hold our regular meetings, as well as utilising other modes of communication rather than face to face. This new way of working has helped us to evaluate what we did in the past and migrate to a much slicker, more innovative approach to communication.

The demand to join the world’s largest lawn care company TruGreen has remained high throughout the pandemic, as it was largely unaffected and we held the first virtual discovery session to a group of prospective TruGreen business owners that they attended virtually from the safety and comfort of their own homes.

We also held the first remote TruGreen Franchise Academy where our new TruGreen business owner completed all, but the practical elements of the academy online, through virtual classes and digital materials.

Our customer queries continued to be answered by our support team who operated the phone lines, email inbox and online chat facility throughout the pandemic, offering support remotely to those customers who needed it.

TruGreen Brand Operations manager, Steve Welch said:

“Communication is key to everything we do as a franchisor, so by using the online platform during COVID19, it has allowed us to not only keep our franchisees up to date on the Government guideline and social distancing, but been a great way of staging technical and operational meeting, and for training new business owners that have joined the TruGreen network.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has helped us to realise that we can still maintain the exact same high standards that our stakeholders have come accustomed to, through embracing digital technology and innovation, whilst having a lesser impact on the environment. For that reason, we will continue to utilise virtual conferencing and digital forms of communication for the foreseeable.

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