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Body Fit Training (BFT) Franchise

Australia’s fastest growing and most advanced group fitness training model. Since franchising in 2018, we have 300 studios open globally. BFT is a part of Xponential Fitness, the largest global franchise group of boutique fitness brands.

Diane Vesey Body Fit Training (BFT)

Interested in Body Fit Training (BFT)?

Contact Diane Vesey

Director of Franchise Development

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At ag Glance

Established: Started franchising in 2018

UK Presence: 12 Studios in the UK.

Average start up cost: £150,000

Min personal contribution: £80,000

International Presence 300 studios open globally including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, UK, Canada, USA, and Hong Kong.

Development type: Looking for single and multi-unit partners

Franchise Info

bft franchise

BFT: Different, Better

Body Fit Training (BFT) is Australia’s fastest growing and most advanced functional group training franchise...now expanding across the UK and Ireland!

When we say we are Different, Better, we don’t just mean for our members – although that is important – we also mean for our franchisees and their teams. Competition in the fitness space is strong and being #DifferentBetter gives our model the edge…

Different, Better for members:

  • Scientifically proven training techniques aimed at reducing fat and creating lean muscle into a variety of 50-minute sessions – meaning members never get bored
  • All sessions overseen by accredited coaches in a dynamic group environment
  • High levels of visual content showcasing our programs shown on multiple digital displays allow our coaches to spend more time on members and build unrivalled communities
  • Great value for money as this is as close as you can get to personal training without the price tag
  • Unlimited access to any studio with one membership and no lock-in contract.

Different, Better for franchisees and their teams

  • Bigger, better, fairer territories than elsewhere in the industry
  • Industry leading, exclusive, cutting-edge bespoke heart rate technology BFT3 developed by the BFT founder, together with the best partnerships in the fitness industry space for all of the studio equipment.
  • Our evolution of fitness programming at HQ ensures members stay engaged and excited
  • Attractive short and long-term cash flow financial model. Minimum breakeven and cash flow positive time frames. As evidenced globally, low set up costs and high margins create the right formula for success
  • Equipment financing options (dependant on individual circumstances) to help establish your business and assist with cash flow
  • The best equipment on the market that is reliable and significantly enhances your offering
  • Pre-launch guidance and proven activity to secure memberships prior to your grand opening
  • Ongoing training and 24-7 support from HQ. From operations to HR, legal to accounting, there’s always someone there for you
  • Regular activity and events to tap into for membership retention and recruitment including the 8-week challenge three times a year and fitness races like HYROX.

The result: our franchisees have a fast-track to profitability because they attract members quickly and keep them for longer.

  • Average weekly member visits to our studios are significantly higher than the sector at 4 times a week
  • On average, our franchisees break even at month 18 making this one of the top-performing investments in the fitness franchise sector.

“2024 is going to be even better and bigger for BFT. Our aim is to have solid results again, fueling optimism about the trajectory of the health and fitness industry. We will continue to carve a healthy slice out of this growing market as it continues to be a key priority for many people. With 700 franchises sold to date, we’re looking to see significant growth and interest in our brand and will carry on delivering a need in the marketplace that is a welcoming, inclusive, motivating, and a safe space for both franchisees and their members.”

bft franchise

A little bit more about BFT

Launching with four franchises in Melbourne in April 2018, BFT now has 700 franchises sold and 300+ locations open across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, UK, Canada, USA and, most recently, Hong Kong. New studios are opening soon in Spain, Malaysia and Indonesia and the UK continues to accelerate its growth with 12 new signed locations. BFT was also awarded the APAC Franchise of the Year Award for two years in a row in 2020 and 2021 and is part of Xponential Fitness, the largest global franchise group of boutique fitness brands. 

Our 3 core pillars are:

  • Develop a training model akin to that afforded to elite athletes, for everyone
  • Develop a business system to provide opportunities for passionate people to stay in our industry
  • Develop an education vertical to provide best practice face-to-face education, driving industry standards and innovation.

In your own studio, you will deliver programs to members that are specifically designed to burn fat, build muscle and get members results. Our huge variety of 14 class types is carefully curated in a scientific and progressive nature based on the power of 3. The training involves each week activating 3 muscle fibre types, working through 3 planes of movement and stressing 3 energy systems. Sessions are also measured to ensure optimum results, utilising the most innovative technology within the industry.

Successful BFT studios currently operate in a mix of zones, from retail and commercial through to shopping centres and industrial estates. Ground floor is preferred as this creates easier access and visibility, as well as less requirements for building requirements.  

“I’m beyond excited to bring BFT and its world-class training programming and coaching to the UK. After years in the Australian fitness market, I’ve seen the growth and success of the BFT franchise network and am now honoured to have the opportunity to launch BFT in London, Battersea. BFT have built an incredible brand, systems and community that is second to none so that franchisees experience success when they join the network.

The UK fitness market is ready for something new and exciting. Weekly training that is thoroughly thought through, programming that is different everyday keeping members accountable while progressively getting fitter and stronger throughout their BFT journey.

As a coach this is the most enjoyable part, seeing the success and enjoyment of others!”

bft franchise

Could you be a BFT franchisee?

We are looking for either fitness owner-operators wanting to work in the business with a hands–on approach or entrepreneurs keen to drive new sources of income by appointing studio managers on their behalf. Franchisees can be Personal Trainers themselves wanting to operate their own successful studio or, if you are not a qualified fitness professional, you can employ a head trainer to work alongside you and help build your community of members.

If you’re motivated, committed and seeking a rewarding opportunity in the fitness industry with a fresh, exciting and innovative brand, then this could be the perfect partnership for you.

Hear from BFT's first UK franchisee...

“As fitness enthusiasts and entrepreneurs we were keen to build a business that brings a fresh new approach to our local community when it comes to keeping fit. 

We first discovered the boutique fitness model in North America and when we came across BFT we knew we had found something special. The innovative programming and the robust franchise business model ticked all the right boxes and the journey so far has been incredible.

To be the first site of the UK makes us very proud, we have opened the doors with a number of members that surpassed our expectations and the feedback from them just re-affirms that we made the right choice!

The support from HQ is incredible, they really go the extra mile to ensure that as franchisees we are opening in the strongest possible position. We are super excited to continue this journey and are already on the hunt for our next location!”

How much does a BFT franchise cost?

For anyone considering becoming a BFT franchisee, there is a very compelling financial model due to low start-up costs compared to other fitness concepts. There are also high margins per member and lower operating costs, resulting in early break-even and an attractive return on investment (currently at 18 months).

Based on established studios, the ongoing profit per year is significant, with multi units also available. Franchisees will need a minimum investment of £80,000 and the balance can be funded. We will go through all of the financial information so you have a full understanding of the costs involved and projected revenues.

bft franchise

bft franchise

bft franchise

bft franchise

Diane Vesey Body Fit Training (BFT)

Interested in Body Fit Training (BFT)?

Contact Diane Vesey

Director of Franchise Development

Click on the link below to receive further information on our franchise opportunity. You can also connect directly with us to ask any questions.

This is FREE and non-obligatory; we never share or sell your personal information.

Success Stories

Success Story
Community, fitness and family at the heart of BFT Croydon

Chris Pook, a dedicated family man with a passion for fitness and a rich background in entrepreneurship, epitomises what it means to be a part of the Body Fit Training (BFT) franchise network. His choice of BFT over other fitness franchises was driven by a desire not just for a business but for a legacy; one that blends his love for fitness with proven systems and the ambition to grow a network of fitness studios.

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Success Story
Ambitious fitness entrepreneurs join the BFT family

BFT’s new Hackney franchisee owners - Emile Kerim, Frankie Nieto and David Irvine - are the latest trio to join the franchise brand, and they bring a combined 50 years of fitness experience to their new venture. Hackney’s state-of-the-art studio will be launched this autumn and will be the first of three studios they plan to open within the next five years across London.

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Success Story
European entrepreneurs diversify fitness portfolio with BFT franchise

Diversification is key to a successful franchise portfolio, especially if you own complementary brands in the same sector. Fitness entrepreneur Rafael Morlà Girol, the first BFT franchisee in Barcelona, has first-hand experience of operating multiple fitness concepts while cross-promoting to different markets.

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Success Story
From refugee to franchisee: Abbas Nazari's success with Body Fit Training

The compelling journey of Abbas Nazari showcases the incredible transformation from being a former Tampa refugee to becoming a leading franchisee for Body Fit Training (BFT) in New Zealand. His success story embodies determination, resilience and the power of a supportive franchise system.

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Success Story
A passion for fitness leads Charlie to BFT

Charlie Hendrie is responsible for launching London’s first BFT in Battersea. BFT is the fastest growing fitness franchise in Australia with over 450 franchises sold globally and a rapidly growing membership base of 55,000+."I’m a classic example of the COVID pivot! After 10-years in various sales manager roles in fashion, food & beverage, I knew in my heart this was the time to pursue an industry I’d been passionate about for most of my life – fitness."

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Success Story
Exclusive interview with BFT franchisee Brian Saund

Introducing Brian Saund, a franchisee based in Leicester, UK, who embarked on his journey with Body Fit Training (BFT) in 2022. Brian's extensive background in high-level sales across diverse industries, combined with his passion for personal development and community building, laid the foundation for his venture into franchising. In this article, Brian shares his experiences, challenges, and successes as a BFT franchisee.

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Body Fit Training continues impressive growth across the UK and Europe

June marked another significant achievement for BFT, as they signed a Master Franchise Agreement in Scandinavia with a rollout plan set to span over 10 years. The agreement has been signed with Tage Flugeim, a seasoned operator in the Scandinavian fitness scene – having achieved great success both launching his own gym and bringing Barry’s Bootcamp to Scandinavia 15 years ago.  

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Body Fit Training makes Scotland debut with studio in Glasgow

This past weekend (Saturday the 22nd of June) saw the exciting arrival of a brand-new Body Fit Training (BFT) studio in the city. This marks a significant milestone for the Australian fitness brand, with the new state-of-the-art studio being the first in Scotland – and a homecoming for the studio owner, Colin Fraser. Having been open for less than a week, the new studio had already attracted over 100 members.

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BFT kickstarts 2024 with global growth

Body Fit Training (BFT), Australia’s fastest-growing fitness franchise, has kickstarted 2024 by strategically expanding its international footprint in the UK and Asia-Pacific. The brand has not only welcomed its second Scottish franchisee in Glasgow but is also rapidly progressing the franchise’s aim to open 150 studios across the UK within the next three years.

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New year, new habits: A "workout" plan to build and maintain a successful fitness franchise

As we embark on another new year, a period famously associated with resolutions and ambitious goal-setting, it’s an opportune moment to take a look at the fitness franchise industry. With the two most common new year resolutions being to do more exercise and to lose weight1, now is the time to ‘workout’ how to build and maintain a fitness franchise to ensure sustained and scalable long-term growth. Cameron Falloon, Founder of Body Fit Training (BFT), Australia’s fastest-growing fitness franchise, shares his valuable insights into how franchisees can achieve sustainable demand and success for their fitness franchise.

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Body Fit Training raises the fitness bar in 2023

Body Fit Training (BFT), Australia’s fastest-growing fitness franchise, has much to celebrate in 2023 as it sees another year of global growth with over 62,000 members and more than 270 studios open. With 550+ franchisees across Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America and the UK, the franchise has increased its revenue by six per cent since 2022 and the compound annual growth rate by 45% over the last three years. This development highlights the demand for world-class training programmes and practices both in the UK and worldwide.

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Body Fit Training's new Hackney studio opens its doors on 2nd December 2023

Hackney’s new Body Fit Training (BFT) studio is set to welcome its new gym-goers this Saturday, 2nd December 2023. Located minutes from Hoxton Railway Station and adjacent to Sainsbury’s Local on Hackney Road, BFT Hackney will offer high-intensity group strength and conditioning programmes for the North East London fitness community.

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