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Dolce Desserts Franchise

Luxury dessert brand with various franchise models - virtual, kiosk, express, cafe, restaurant - offering a lower entry price than other dessert brands.

Farzana Begum Dolce Desserts

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At a Glance

Established: 2014

UK Presence: 9 stores open with target of opening six in 2024.

Average start up cost: £95,000

Min personal contribution: £68,000

Development type: Looking for single-unit and multi-unit partners.

Franchise Info

dolce desserts

Our founder took inspiration from the genuine, hearty cafés you find dotted around the hotspots of Europe, particularly in Italy, and wanted to bring home to the UK.

The aim from the very beginning has always been individual, personal and heart-warming. The result is Dolce Desserts and an embodiment of what vision, passion and hard work can achieve.

We pride ourselves on creating sweet delicacies, sourced with ingredients all around the world, that combine an array of flavours into something authentic, unique and decadent.

9 sites later we have blown past all our initial expectations and perfected the dessert store model and are now ready to share our secrets with you.  And share our desserts with the rest of the UK.

dolce desserts

Our franchise opportunity

Created after nearly a decade of running our own successful dessert cafés and set up with the same attention to detail that went into creating our perfect desserts, the Dolce Dessert franchise opportunity has absolutely everything covered.

With a proven model over 9 sites, we have carefully curated a business process that has the potential for you to surpass even our success!

Dolce Desserts operates smaller outlets with a much lower investment level than the main players in this sector. It has a more ‘community feel’ about it, and has its own unique range of desserts, some of which you won’t find elsewhere; Overheads like rent, rates and staff are also much lower, reducing risk with a quicker ROI.

We have a flexible 5 format offering to suit all investment types:

  • Virtual model
  • Kiosk - Delivery and Takeaway only - £136,000
  • Express – Grab and Go; Cost: £136,000; ROI – 27 months
  • Cafe - Small Dessert Parlour 16 - 20 Seater; Cost: £155,000; ROI – 29 months
  • Restaurant - Large Dessert Parlour 50 seater; Cost: £172,000; ROI – 29 months

Just as our desserts are unique, we know that our franchisees are too. That’s why we don’t have a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Our franchise opportunity is designed to meet every aspiration, every community and every personality.

Our key USPs

  • Lower investment than any of the main players in this sector;
  • Smaller units with minimal rent and property costs, reducing risk to the buyer;
  • More of a community feel to the store with a beautiful soft design;
  • ROI 24 months;
  • For once in this sector, a different kind of menu offering,  with many innovative products;

dolce desserts

How we support you

  • Tried and Tested Business Model - We have developed successful operating systems, so you have the confidence you are working with a tried-and-tested business formula. With nearly a decade of trading, we know it works!
  • Comprehensive & Ongoing Training - We will teach you how to effectively manage your business to be profitable and successful without the struggle of starting from scratch or maintaining everything on your own. You will receive comprehensive training that covers everything from our brand values, service delivery, sales, marketing, operational excellence, and everything in-between.
  • Continued Operational Support - We know how to run a successful business and are here to support you every step of the way. Independent business owners usually have no one to turn to when they have questions or run into obstacles, as our franchisee, you never need to worry about figuring problems out on your own! Our team of experts is here to provide you with guidance at every stage.
  • Opening Support and Guidance - Finding the right location for you and your new business is key. Our experienced team will work with you at every stage, from finding the right location, choosing the most suitable type of store, setting up your store from top to bottom, getting ready for your grand opening and beyond.
  • Site search and Acquisition
  • Design and build
  • Assistance for funding requirements
  • Full training for franchisee and staff

dolce desserts

dolce desserts

dolce desserts

dolce desserts

Farzana Begum Dolce Desserts

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Franchisor Interview
Interview with Founder of Dolce Desserts, Kamila Khan

Kamila Khan is the Founder of Dolce Desserts.  Kamila graduated at 21 years old and sought inspiration via the hearty cafes seen in and around the hotspots of Europe. In 2014, Kamila created Dolce Desserts, which embodies the sweet touch of Italy now found in the UK. Kamila has built the brand to 9 stores with plans to have 15 open by the end of the year.

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