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Filta Environmental Franchise

Filta Environmental offers a weekly service to commercial kitchens. Low-cost start, all the equipment and training you need with customers from day one.

Tracey Cockerton Filta Environmental

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At ag Glance

Established: 2001

UK Presence: 30 Filta Franchisees around the UK. Whilst we are looking across the UK for partners, we have immediate availability in Southampton, Kent and South East.

Average start up cost: £20,000

Min personal contribution: AOR

International Presence More than 350 franchisees across UK, US and Europe.

Development type: single or multi-van business

Franchise Membership: bfa Expanding

Franchise Info

Filta franchisee cleaning kitchen

Filta is the world’s largest ‘total fryer management service’ with more than 350 franchises round the world that service more than 7,000 kitchens.

Filta franchisee cleaning kitchen

What do we do? Commercial kitchens use fryers, sometimes multiple fryers, to prepare food cooked in oil. Oil is used and then thrown out, our service allows the oil to be cleaned for reuse multiple times, providing great value for money for your customer.

This service also prolongs the life of the equipment by keeping it clean and taking a messy job away from the kitchen staff, who often don’t know how to do it thoroughly. With little or no downtime as it can be done while the oil is still hot! Our equipment makes light work of the task, and you are quickly on to your next customer. 

We provide all the equipment you need to conduct this service and give you full training on how to do it effectively.

You become the restaurant's favourite supplier as it removes a costly, environment-impacting hassle. Saves them time and money and improves the quality of their food.

Plan your day around your customers making various stops along the way. We have many well-known high street brands using our services such as McDonald's, Greggs, KFC, and Greene King. Providing you customers from day one and giving you an income to build on.

 With our industry marketing, Filta branded vans, and your local knowledge the possibilities are endless.

With other services you can offer and a direct route to your customer you can manage either a single or multi-van business.


For £20,000 + VAT you will receive full training on all equipment servicing and running your business, ongoing support, bespoke equipment as well as preferential vehicle deals. 

The patented Filta MFU (Microfiltration unit) is worth over £15k on its own without all the other support, training, and marketing services we provide so it’s a great value-for-money franchise with no hidden costs. Operate from home with a mobile phone and you have yourself an exciting, profitable business ready to go.

Filta franchisee cleaning kitchen

Our key benefits

We introduced micro-filtration service to the UK and have long established ourselves as the industry leader worldwide. Simply put – there’s little to no competition. If you have always wanted to own your own business, but are worried about coming up with a new idea or constantly fighting off the competition. Filta is a great opportunity to learn a new skill and provide a unique service that only you can offer in your area.

  • Build multiple vans offering all services
  • Internationally recognized
  • Weekly repeat service
  • Mobile, can be home-based
  • Comprehensive in-field & business training
  • Minimal overheads & stock
  • Exclusive territories
  • Simple administration
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Start-up support
  • On-going support & advice
  • BFA, IFA, and AFA member

Ideal Franchise Partner

No experience is necessary!  Due to the comprehensive training and support we offer, our Franchisees come from all backgrounds, skill sets, and experiences.

We have former chefs or restaurant workers, ex-firemen, bank managers, plumbers, shop workers, administrators, cleaners, construction workers, salespeople, ex services members and many more.

Filta franchisee cleaning kitchen

“Nearly 3 years on I have built a substantial size business for a sole trader to operate within an I am very happy indeed with everything. As more and more emphasis is placed on the “Green” business, I see a bright future for my already thriving business. Damian Slater, the Franchise Manager, goes out of his way to make sure each and every franchisee reaches their full potential. I have escaped my boring office job that I used to do and now have the freedom to do exactly what I want with my time.”
Dane Sampson, Bristol

Filta franchisee cleaning kitchen

Tracey Cockerton Filta Environmental

Interested in Filta Environmental?

Contact Tracey Cockerton

Franchise Recruitment Manager

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Success Stories

Success Story
From Chef to Franchisee

Damien Stanley, a seasoned Catering Manager from North Wales, had spent years immersed in the heat and bustling world of restaurant kitchens. Passionate about the culinary arts but eager for a change, Damien sought an opportunity to leverage his industry experience while exploring avenues beyond the traditional kitchen setting. His quest led him to discover Filta Franchise - a unique service that resonated deeply with his career background and understanding of the challenges faced in professional kitchens.

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Success Story
Filta franchisee with 30 years' franchise experience is building multi-van operation

With over 30 years’ experience in franchising as both franchisee and franchisor, there is not much that David Fox doesn’t know about running a franchise business.  Having only joined Filta Environmental in July 2022 as the franchisee for Oxfordshire, David has already taken on a technician to work alongside him and is on the lookout for second.  David talks more about his franchise journey with Filta.

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Success Story
Filta franchisee talks about becoming a multi-vehicle operator

Lee Morton is Filta franchisee for Cardiff, Swansea and Bristol. Prior to buying his Filta franchise, Lee was running a domestic oven cleaning business. Wanting a “similar” business, but one that allowed him to target the b2b marketing, Lee started to explore options. When the existing Filta franchisee in Cardiff put his business for sale, Lee decided he liked the idea of taking over an existing business rather than a start-up. One that allowed him to hit the ground running but left plenty of scale for future growth.

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Filta Franchise Announces Exciting Opportunities for Entrepreneurial Success

Filta Franchise, a leading provider of environmentally friendly commercial kitchen solutions, is pleased to announce exciting franchise opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to make a positive impact while building a successful business

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