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From Chef to Franchisee


With an extensive background in managing kitchens, Damien was keenly aware of the daily struggles faced by culinary professionals. Long hours, demanding work environments, and the constant battle with grease management and waste disposal were common hurdles in the industry. Damien envisioned a shift from the traditional kitchen setting but wanted to harness his expertise and make a meaningful impact.

Having his own business had been at the back of his mind for a long time when he came across the Filta service carried out by his local operator. Damien immediately loved the service, understood its benefits and saw its place in every commercial kitchen. Filta offers oil filtration and FOG (Fats, Oils, and Grease) equipment and management. The concept deeply resonated with Damien's firsthand experience in dealing with the challenges of maintaining fryers and managing kitchen waste. Recognising the potential and alignment with his expertise, Damien saw an opportunity to transform the way commercial kitchens run their operations.

Starting with Filta:

Fuelled by his confidence and understanding of the industry's pain points, Damien took the leap into entrepreneurship by acquiring a Filta Franchise. He swiftly immersed himself in the business. Despite being only two months into the venture, his strategic approach and dedication were evident as he brought on several new customers to add to an already substantial list of contracts.


Within a remarkably short period, Damien's efforts began to yield remarkable outcomes. Leveraging Filta's fryer oil filtration services, Damien's franchise was turning over more than £7,000 a month.

Notably, this success was achieved solely through fryer oil filtration.

Another revenue stream available to Filta Franchisees is FOG, the sale of equipment to prevent FOG from entering the drain and the servicing of this equipment. Both of which are lucrative additional revenue streams.

Damien's rapid success with the Filta Franchise serves as an inspiring example for others contemplating entrepreneurship within the franchise model. His ability to harness his industry knowledge and understanding of kitchen operations to drive tangible results highlights the immense potential within the commercial kitchen service sector.

Future Plans:

With an eye on the future, Damien aims to expand his franchise's service offerings, tapping into additional FOG management solutions.

His commitment to delivering value to commercial kitchens not only elevates his business prospects but also underscores the transformative impact such services can have on the industry.

Damien's remarkable achievements within a short period of time are evidence that when capability and determination meet a sound franchise system such as Filta, great things can happen.

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