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Exclusive Interview: "Turning over £1 million thanks to the strength of Chipsaway's name"


With previous experience in the motoring industry, Keith McGowan already knew the strength of the Chipsaway brand name and their solid reputation within the sector. Today, Keith now operates the biggest ChipsAway car care centre in the UK and is turning over £1 million per year. To get an unique inside perspective of what it takes to be a successful franchisee... Read more..

Industry focus

Working within a £billion sector with a virtually untapped marketplace


With oven cleaning widely renowned as being the most hated household chore, those who offer this service benefit from a huge, virtually untapped marketplace. With a growing demand for oven cleaning, it is worth looking at the home-based and van-based franchises which offer this service. To find out about the many benefits of owning a franchise within this particular industry...Read more..

UK Franchisor Interviews

Exclusive Interview: "Building a ethos focused upon family values and high quality services"


Meet Clarriots Care MD, James Carratt, who by his own admission says “I started going grey when I was 19!” So iIf hard work and dedication were the root cause of going grey then it would make perfect sense considering Clarriot Care's expansion and successful thus far.  To get an insight into that makes this franchise thrive...Read more..

Master licenses

Are you looking to expand your investment portfolio? Are you interested in becoming a master franchisee for an international brand? If so we will help you to understand how you can be involved in this exciting investment opportunity. Read more about buying a master franchise

Ask the experts


Franchising can be a very complex area and to make sure you find the right franchise for you, or set up your own franchise correctly, is it imperative that you do as much research as possible. This includes seeking professional help and advice. Our Ask the Expert section allows you to post questions regarding funding a franchise, legal issues, accountancy, consultancy and general franchise advice. Post your questions to our panel of experts

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The franchise territory, more than just a border!

Franchise Opportunities Small

Many franchises will offer a protected franchise territory as part of a franchise agreement. Mostly this is referenced to provide a franchisee with piece of mind that there will be limited competition from within the franchise. In this article, Stuart Lee, Atlas Mapping looks at some key factors that should be explored when creating a franchise territory and why bigger is not always better!

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Franchising your business

Are you considering franchising your business? If yes, we can help. Our "Franchise Your Business" section will help you to decide if franchising is the right expansion route for your business, and if so, how to franchise your business. Read more about franchising a business

Franchise resales

a for sale sign

You don't have to start a franchised business in the UK from scratch; many existing franchisees are looking to sell their franchise. In our resale section you will find advice on buying and selling a franchise resale, stories of those who bought a resale as well as listings of existing franchises for sale across the UK.

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Raising finance

It is a big step from deciding to start a franchise to actually opening your doors for business. For many, one of the biggest hurdles is approaching the bank for finance. Read more about funding a franchise

Settle down in the USA

Buy a franchise and settle down in the USAEvery year more and more people move to the United States of America and are successful in the immigration process. One of the most successful methods to achieve a permit to work and stay in the USA is through buying a business and creating employment.

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