Franchising in Scotland is on the rise!

Recent activity in Scotland, including initiatives such as the bfa Franchise Group for Scotland, Scottish Franchise Week and whichfranchise seminars, have resulted in increasing awareness to franchising in Scotland. This in turn has led to more people buying franchises and more franchisors looking to Scotland to increase their franchise network. If you are interested in franchising in Scotland, you can view franchises to buy in our Scottish regional franchise opportunity directory…

Franchisee Case Studies

Leaving the military and looking to the future

smallSITB_stewart.jpg Kim and Stewart Bisley are based in Glasgow. Stewart is a Chief Petty Office in the Navy and is a submariner. He currently spends months away at a time, but has just under 2 years left in the Navy so the couple were keen to find a business that they could develop and work in together once he had left the Navy.

Franchise Advice

Ask the Experts

Buying an established Scottish franchise business could provide a quicker return, and should be generating income from Day 1. .

Ask the experts

Raising Finance

Find out about raising finance in Scotland. Raising finance is often the biggest hurdle for anyone seeking to start a franchise opportunity in the UK.

Legal Advice

Get a free Consultation are happy to help those considering Scottish franchise opportunities make the right decision.

The Franchise Grapevine

MSPs give warm encouragement to Scottish franchising


Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSP) and Scottish business leaders have committed to increase the publicity, knowledge and business education surrounding franchising in Scotland following a meeting at Holyrood in Edinburgh with the British Franchise Association (bfa) and businesses from the Scottish franchising sector last month.


Franchise Scotland - Seminars

seminar scotland

If you are serious about franchising, then attending a franchise seminar is a must! In just one day you will find out all you need to know about buying a franchise in Scotland.

Forthcoming franchise seminar dates:

9th August - Glasgow

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