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Franchising In Scotland


Scotland is an exciting place to be right now, and not for the first time we are attracting more attention around the world than our geographic size might ordinarily warrant. Business is good, but there is always room for improvement; opportunities are plentiful but we can never have too many of them. One particularly strong source of opportunity here in Scotland is franchising; and you''ve certainly come to the right place to find out more about it.

Franchisee success stories

Expanding the Papa John's family in Scotland


George Eastcroft helps run the family business in Edinburgh. Along with his wife and son and a team of almost 50 staff they manage two Papa John’s franchised stores in the city.

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Scottish franchise news

Top supplier of pet food sniffing opportunity in Scotland and Wales!

husse scotland The market for pet food grows ever larger in the UK, so much so that it has attracted one of Europe’s top suppliers is now seeking Master Franchisees in both Scotland and Wales. Founded in Sweden in 1987, Husse is a European market leader in quality pet food home deliveries. Read more

Looking to franchise your business?

If you are running a successful business in Scotland, the time may be right to look to expand it. Franchising is an excellent method of expanding an already successful business but that’s not to say that it is right for every business. In this section we look at the benefits of franchising a business, we help you to identify if your business is franchiseable and we outline the steps to franchising a business. You can also contact franchise consultants based in Scotland to enquire about franchising your own business. Read More

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Actively Recruiting in Scotland

Existing franchises for sale in scotland

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Lanarkshire and the surrounding areas

Buying and selling a franchise resale in Scotland

Developing a business presence in a new Scottish territory can be time consuming and costly so the advantage of taking on an existing franchise, that is already known in the area and which has current customers and clients, is clear. That is not to say growing any business is easy - far from it - but it is easier to move on and drive a process that is already underway. In this section we look at the benefits of buying a franchise resale and also provide advice on the steps to take if looking to sell your own franchise business in Scotland. Read More

Scottish legal advice

Franchising is a very complex area of business start-up and business development and so it is imperative that you always seek advice from an experienced and accredited franchise lawyer. In this section we look at the legal practicalities of buying a franchise as well as setting up a franchise business in Scotland. You are also able to contact franchise lawyers with any questions you may have regarding franchise legal issues. Read More

Financing a franchise in Scotland

By Richard Holden, Lloyds Bank

lloyds bank franchise funding

Small business is the lifeblood of the Scottish economy and plays a fundamental role in the country’s success. Confidence is growing amongst business owners in Scotland according to recent reports that indicate the availability of affordable finance is now considered to be significantly higher than twelve months ago. Read More