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Exclusive interview: Franchising makes business sense


After a varied career in finance and retail, Jeremy Wasden had no doubt in his mind that launching and building up a business would give him a freedom and responsibility. In researching franchising as a route into business, Jeremy discovered Belvoir, one of the leading lettings and estate agents franchises in the UK. In this exclusive interview, Jeremy talks through his experiences with read more

Franchising in London, why buy a franchise in London

With over 7.8 million people and 3 million households, London is the biggest city in Western Europe and one of the world's major cities; it is also the most visited city in the world. It is a unique and exciting place to live, work, visit and of course do business. It is the business capital of Europe and the driving force behind the UK economy.

Starting a franchise business in London would therefore allow you to reach a huge target market with consequent huge growth potential. The turnover from franchising in London is £2 billion.

Due to the current economic climate, businesses are being forced to make redundancies. As a result there are an increasing numbers of people looking to start their own business. And what better way than to buy a franchise!

Franchising is by far one the safest routes for self-employment, and with a potential target market of 7.8 million people, London is an ideal place to start a franchise.

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