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Date Updated: 15-December-2017

Oscar Pet Foods UK Franchise

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Oscar Pet Foods specialize in delivering highly nutritious pet food and accessories, as well as free expert advice in behaviour, nutrition and veterinary matters.

British Franchise AssociationThis pet food distribution franchise is ideal for those looking for a home-based, mobile business with low overheads. Franchisees are provided with full training and support so as to promote their top quality product, advise clients and manage all other aspects of business. With Oscar Pet Foods, you are in business for yourself, not by yourself.

Oscars Pet Food is a Full member of the British Franchise Association,

How much does an Oscar Pet Foods franchise cost?

The initial franchise package costs £8,995 plus VAT*

*Banks can lend 50-70% of the cost depending upon your financial history.

oscars pet food franchise business opportunity lucrative profitable making money home based management low cost pet food banner dogs nutrition food accessories advice consultancy

Share in their success with their new offering for 2017

OSCAR specialises in providing the complete pet care service direct to the customer – from food and toys to treats, accessories and health care products.

oscars pet food franchise business opportunity lucrative profitable making money home based management low cost pet food banner dogs nutrition food accessories advice consultancyWe pride ourselves on using premium, locally sourced ingredients (where possible) with nutrition being our primary consideration. We produce a range of highly nutritious and extremely tasty foods to sustain a healthy lifestyle for cats and dogs.

Our service is appreciated by customers who want to feed the best food at a competitive price, and they enjoy a service that is backed up with FREE advice from experts in nutrition, behaviour and veterinary matters. OSCAR has kept a firm focus on changes in pet food manufacturing, while devoting time to a growing network of franchisees.

To get more details about OSCAR and whether it is the right route into business for your, click here.

oscars pet food franchise business opportunity lucrative profitable making money home based management low cost pet food banner dogs nutrition food accessories advice consultancy

The OSCAR franchise opportunity

OSCAR opportunities are flexible and tailored to suit individual backgrounds and/or experience, whether to develop into a full-time business, treat as a second income or even add to an existing operation.

OSCAR continues to reinforce franchisee progress with exciting incentives and avenues of opportunity. As each business grows from strength to strength the OSCAR system is satisfying more and more customers.

OSCAR for your customer

A reliable, convenient delivery service, making visits to the shops or carrying bulky pet items a thing of the past. Our payment system makes shopping easy and delivery of items can be made whilst the customer is out at work.

oscars pet food franchise business tubbsA variety of tasty, highly nutritious pet foods and a comprehensive range of accessories ensures customers have choice and variety.

A FREE helpline to our experts is a welcome addition, providing ongoing professional advice during the life of their pet.

A friendly and hassle-free service that is only a phone call away – guiding your customer on life's pet essentials!

OSCAR for you

An OSCAR franchise provides the security of a strong brand and protected image that gives you the benefit of running your own business alongside like-minded individuals.

oscars pet food franchise business opportunity lucrative profitable making money home based management low cost pet food banner dogs nutrition food accessories advice consultancySupported by trained and experienced mentors, OSCAR is a tried and tested system which ensures you will be suitably qualified to understand and promote the products and services you have to offer.

OSCAR is a business that provides a positive cash flow with low overheads in a rapidly expanding market.

As full members of the British Franchise Association and the Pet Food Manufacturers' Association, OSCAR is well established and recognised within the industry.


The OSCAR franchise package provides flexibility and choice in accordance with your own level of expertise and skill set.

Commencing with the fundamental necessities to launch an OSCAR franchise, the package has been designed to provide a cross section of additional business development services that you can tailor to suit your needs.

To request our FREE, non-obligatory franchise prospectus, please click here.

Personalised : Flexible : Exclusive

The initial franchise package

      • Innovative and user friendly training delivered by experienced mentors.
      • Unique to OSCAR – A formal nutritional qualification.
      • Full colour livery.
      • Professionally branded corporate marquee for use at local events.
      • Corporate clothing and equipment.
      • Vast array of branded marketing materials.
      • Access to online marketing tools.
      • Access to online PR system.
      • oscars pet food franchise business opportunity lucrative profitable making money home based management low cost pet food banner dogs nutrition food accessories advice consultancyFranchise manual for easy reference at your fingertips.
      • Internet discussion forum enabling you to network online.
      • Bespoke customer relationship system.
      • Fully functional bespoke accounts system.
      • Internet discussion forum.
      • A comprehensive online reference manual.
      • E-commerce to send customer enquiries direct to your business.
      • An exclusive standard territory.

= £8,995 plus VAT

Finally, choose from Essential Stock Options and Optional Business Extras to add the finishing touches to your personalised franchise package. Each option is costed so you can plan your investment in conjunction with the essential elements needed to enhance your personal business growth.

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