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Meet Joanne Wilsdon, a No Letting Go franchisee, navigating growth, challenges, and success


Joanne Wilsdon, a No Letting Go franchisee since 2018, entered the network by purchasing her initial territory in Mid Suffolk, captivated by the brand and Head Office's training. Successfully establishing a core group of local clients and combining it with national account work, she achieved consistent growth, prompting the acquisition of two additional territories: Cambridge and Norwich. Reflecting on her success, Joanne proudly states, "Continued growth allowed me to increase my revenue by a further £145,000 in 2022, which I’m really proud of!”

Recruiting the best clerks for her territory is, in Joanne’s words, “My biggest challenge, and I’m still experimenting with the best way to do this in my area.” but, she continues, “Head Office has been a great help in this sense. They have sourced a great clerk for me in Cambridge, and I now need to match this in Mid-Suffolk”.

Joanne's sales tip revolves around consistency, regularly connecting with agents, and using Mailchimp for monthly communications, yielding valuable leads.

Looking ahead, her plans involve recruiting another clerk, expanding her marketing database, and strengthening client relationships in both territories.

Joanne's journey encapsulates No Letting Go's success, marked by growth, adaptability, and strategic sales and marketing efforts.

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