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Rob Smy shares his first year's insight as an owner of No Letting Go Kings Lynn


After a successful career in property and sales, Rob Smy went it alone and set up his own business in Peterborough.  Eventually, Rob went on to sell this as a successful going concern.  Three years later he decided to start a business again, but knowing how tough it was to start a business from scratch on your own, franchising was an appealing option.

Finding a property services business with a great track record and low overheads was the perfect fit, so after a series of meetings Rob purchased No Letting Go Kings Lynn.

The franchisors view of Rob

Justine Tomlinson, Head of Operations  comments “Right from the start we knew that Rob was a fantastic match for No Letting Go.  Rob had great vision of how he saw the business working in his location with customer service and attention to detail at the heart of what he wanted to provide clients.  Rob is a real self starter with the ability to forge relationships with clients, tenants and staff”.

Gaining Clients

Rob shares his insights on obtaining his first clients “the best way is simply by visiting agents, establishing how their business process works and requesting to keep in touch.  Bit by bit the requests started to come in.  Once an agent likes the quality of your work and knows you are reliable, then the quantity of work soon builds.  The good aspect about the business is it’s a repeat business model, so you don’t need lots of new clients, so can then focus on service delivery.”

Rob also made full use of the marketing assets provided by head office and has built good online presence for the service which also delivers leads.

Building a Team

The training department assisted Rob to build a skilled team to produce high quality reports. Rob comments “The support and expertise from the head office team has been invaluable in getting the business started, and enabled me to take on more work by growing a team of great staff”.

Advice for new franchisees

Rob provides his top tips for a potential franchisee looking to start a business:-

  • Don’t expect immediate results, so be resilient and stick to your plan
  • Always agree to keep in touch once you have seen a potential client
  • Touch points are important, so use the marketing resources provided by head office
  • When given the opportunity to show a client why they should use you, do whatever it takes to over deliver

Future Growth

Rob continues “ I am very pleased to have hit my first years’ financial target having established a group of clients.  I am proud to have built a small skilled team and put myself in a great position to double my income over the next 12 month period.  The lettings market is always busy with continued demand, so it is a great industry to be working in”.

Interested and want to know more about No Letting Go ?

The No Letting Go profile outlines all aspects of their franchise opportunity and allows you to contact them for further information or to ask a question.

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