Date Updated: 16-November-2020

Courier franchises

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World Options

Looking to break into the £billion logistics, delivery and courier industry?
The World Options franchise offers a first class, highly competitive shipping service. This is a home-based, low-cost franchise opportunity, where franchisees primarily develop relationships with local or SME businesses with logistical requirements.

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    InXpress franchisees can work from home or a small office to provide clients with a worldwide express parcel delivery and transportation services.

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    Driver Hire is a recruitment franchise supplying drivers and logistics staff to both private & public sectors. "Franchisor of the Year 2019" winner.

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    Online courier booking service for businesses who need to send parcels to destinations across the UK and internationally. Home based franchise.

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    PACK & SEND provides businesses and domestic clients with bespoke packing and freight solutions. This is a store-based management opportunity.

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About Courier franchises

There has never been a better time to own a courier franchise. With the internet making international business more achievable and scalable, it has meant that more of us are working with international clients or partners daily, and so have a requirement for regular courier services both nationally and internationally. 

And with international business transactions happening at a quicker pace, we don’t have the luxury of the time we once had to wait for delivery, we are instead having to opt for overnight and same day delivery. 

Courier franchises are part of a multi-billion £ industry which has seen increased revenue over the last 10 years and is set to continue.

Courier franchises tend to be management opportunities with the franchisee managing and developing their own network of couriers.

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