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Inspirational Independence Day


Leading UK provider of home care Caremark is celebrating its inspirational customers and urging over 60s to maintain their independence amidst reports that 4.3 million feel less motivated to do the things they once enjoyed1.

Research shows that many older people find it difficult to take part in services or activities that could help maintain their independence, and consequently suffer with their mental wellbeing2. Those who live alone, have health issues or an age-related disability are among those at risk of a decline in their independence2. By actively facilitating independence, Caremark staff are witnessing customers return to activities they once enjoyed.

Rob Driscoll, Care Assistant at Caremark Wandsworth, discusses the impact independence has on a particular customer’s wellbeing:

“Giles is a customer that I’ve been working with for over eight years. He’s unable to talk and uses a wheelchair due to a brain injury acquired from a serious car accident some 30 years ago. I help with all manner of activities that keep this intelligent man as independent as possible. Aside from personal care and meal prep, we play Scrabble and visit the theatre, museums, galleries, and restaurants, and have trips into the countryside - I’ve even accompanied him abroad to make sure he gets the right care.

“With encouragement and by being able to enjoy the things that he used to with his care plan, Giles stays engaged and having his independence has improved his quality of life immeasurably. Next, he’s going to the British Summer Time concert in Hyde Park which he’s really been looking forward to!”

Indi Panagoda from Caremark Chiltern & Three Rivers please relays a positive story of routine for one of their oldest customers:

“Margaret is 106 and lives an independent life despite her mobility issues. Although she can’t walk or cycle everywhere like she used to, her care team ensures she has support to get out and about. The simple things like going shopping or having a birthday lunch out are all possible with extra assistance and these are activities that Margaret and the team look forward to – it makes us all happy.”

David Glover, joint CEO of Caremark, comments:

“Removing the assumption that those who require care can't live an independent life is vital for fostering a society that truly values and respects those of all ages and abilities. Independence is not just a matter of personal freedom; it significantly enhances mental health, wellbeing, and overall quality of life. By supporting independence, we can also help reduce the strain on hospitals and healthcare facilities which are often overwhelmed by preventable conditions exacerbated by inactivity and isolation.

“Encouraging those over 60 who are at risk of declining independence to stay active and engaged in their passions is more critical than ever. At Caremark, we see firsthand how facilitating independence can transform lives. Our staff have witnessed customers like Giles and Margaret regain their enthusiasm for life, participating in activities that bring them joy and purpose. These stories, among many others, are a testament to the profound impact that supporting independence can have on an individual's quality of life.”

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