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The Leak Detective franchise has signed up five new franchisees in the past few months. They are joining the network from Milton Keynes, Oxford, Birmingham, Humberside and Devon & Cornwall.

Franchisees become specialists in leak detection and remedial work using the company’s proven techniques and cutting edge technology. The business opportunity, aimed at plumbers and those with a technical background, can deliver potential earnings of up to £100,000 a year. 

The businesses behind the franchise -- Water Loss Solutions and Paradigm Reinstatements -- have a 10 year track record of success and profitability in this sector where demand for their specialist services is outstripping supply throughout the UK.

Co-founder David Hunt, an ex-police officer said: “Everyday businesses and households are losing many thousands of pounds through water leaks. Often these go undetected for some length of time and are only discovered when a large water bill arrives in the mail. Most insurance companies offer ‘trace and access’ cover today which means they will pay for a qualified tradesman to trace the source of the leak. Sometimes the source is obvious but in many cases it is more difficult to locate, as modern building techniques mean pipes are often boxed in for cosmetic reasons. There is therefore a high demand for trained water leak engineers who have the skills to quickly trace the leak, stop it and rectify any damage as required.”

He added: “For the past 10 years we have operated successful leak detection and property repair businesses in Scotland. However, we have experienced significant demand for our specialist services throughout the UK. To meet this demand we are now establishing a franchise network of trained technicians throughout the UK. We already have the partnerships and affiliations with major brands in the insurance industry which we believe will be a valuable source of new business for franchisees coming on board.”

The franchise offers a number of revenue streams as once the leak problem is solved the business or householder then needs support to repair and reinstate properties damaged by the leak. Potential earnings, subject to certain conditions, could be in the region of £100,000, with strong gross margins.

Oxford-based Leak Detective Alex Golding said:

“I've been involved in the building industry since the early 1990s.  I was the main contractor for the conversion of an office block into 158 high end luxury apartments.  When that contract was completed I moved into civil engineering/utilities and in particular water mains repair and maintenance.  Covid was a difficult time and I decided to sell the company.  After covid I became involved in repair/renovation of properties damaged by escape of water.  I was interested in a post I saw on Facebook describing a franchise for leak detection as it was relevant to the work and experience I have and links well with other businesses I collaborate with.  My application for the franchise was dealt with competently and with professionalism and I have been extremely happy with the training and support we have received.”

The Leak Detective franchise includes:

  • Comprehensive technical training in leak detection
  • An exclusive territory which has been professionally mapped to ensure it is viable 
  • Access to the latest leak detection tools and equipment
  • Access to bespoke software developed by the company
  • Business development and marketing support to launch the business
  • Uniform and branded van
  • A Leak Detective mentor and ongoing business support
  • Local web page and managed social media
  • Right to use the Leak Detective brand and trademark

The franchise fee is £15,995 and overall total investment can be up to £50,000, dependent upon existing business assets. This will include specialist leak detection equipment and a branded vehicle, plus working capital will be required for a franchisee starting from scratch. If you have an existing business with vans and assets you should expect to pay half this amount. Bank funding may be 

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The The Leak Detective profile outlines all aspects of their franchise opportunity and allows you to contact them for further information or to ask a question.

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