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Burger Boi embarks exciting chapter of expansion


Burger Boi, the beloved burger joint renowned for its delectable offerings, is gearing up for an expansive phase in its journey with the announcement of 4 new locations soon to grace the UK, taking Burger Boi to 20 locations. This exciting development comes on the heels of welcoming 4 new fresh faces into the Burger Boi family as franchisees, signaling a robust period of growth for the brand. As Burger Boi continues to captivate taste buds and expand its footprint, bringing the joy of great burgers to communities far and wide, it is firmly set to achieve its goal of 25 locations by the end of 2024.

Among the significant milestones on the horizon, 5 of Burger Boi's existing franchisees have signed new multi-site deals, eagerly eyeing their second locations. All of which are planned to open this year.

Leading the charge is Rummy Johal, poised to inaugurate the first of these with his second location set to open in the next 6 weeks. Johal's entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to the Burger Boi ethos have propelled him to this exciting moment, marking the beginning of a thrilling expansion trajectory. With plans firmly in place, Johal envisions establishing a total of four Burger Boi locations by the end of 2025, a testament to both the brand's appeal and Johal's enterprising vision. His commitment to delivering exceptional experiences aligns seamlessly with Burger Boi's mission to delight consumers with mouthwatering burgers and unparalleled service.

Rummy said “It’s truly an exciting time for myself, my family and Burger Boi. I cannot wait for my second location to open. I am all set to wow the surrounding community of the new location and to become their local favourite”.

The consistent and accelerated growth of Burger Boi locations underscores not only the brand's enduring popularity but also its ability to cultivate strong relationships with franchise partners eager to share in its success. As Burger Boi embarks on this exciting chapter of expansion, anticipation mounts among UK-eaters and prospective franchisees alike. With its finger on the pulse of consumer preferences and a commitment to excellence ingrained in its DNA, Burger Boi is poised to continue to redefine the burger landscape one delicious bite at a time.

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