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Breaking Barriers: From Family Business to Independent Female Franchise Owner!


If you’ve been looking at InXpress as a business to invest in, you may be forgiven for thinking shipping is a ‘male’ industry. But, at InXpress, we’re breaking the mould and inspiring inclusion, something one of our newest franchisees discovered.

Jess Vant is no stranger to InXpress. Her family have been franchisees with the brand for years, as her parents, Stuart and Terrie, own InXpress Cambridge – their second franchise. David and Chloe, Jess’ brother and sister, are also integral members of the InXpress Cambridge team. So, it really is a family affair!

After temporarily moving in with her parents, last year, Jess was inevitably exposed to all things InXpress when she became involved in the day-to-day running of her parents’ business. “My family literally live and breathe InXpress!” she says. Jess was also aware of the definitive support the franchise network offer to each other, seeing first-hand the communication her parents gained – and received – from other franchise owners.

Life-changing moment

Unfortunately, within this time, Jess was made redundant from her job at Meta, and found herself at a crossroads. “The idea of going back to the office and putting tons of effort in to help build someone else’s company wasn’t particularly inspiring,” Jess says.

She knew her next logical step was to start something for herself. However, plans to start a consultation business with previous colleagues didn’t pan out, and her dad would joke, “buy a franchise!”. But, it wasn’t long before the jesting became a serious idea. “The way my parents – and my brother and sister – are so connected to InXpress has always intrigued me. As a business option, what they’re a part of feels different. It actually feels like a family, a close-knit community, where everybody is genuinely supportive of and championing each other. From the outside looking in, InXpress seemed like a brilliant business option.”

Having doubts!

At first Jess had doubts about the prospect of starting an InXpress franchise for herself. “It’s not my area of expertise. And, because I have no direct industry background, I felt like I wouldn’t be able to do it, or I wasn’t going to be the right fit… all those fearful things.”

However, after careful consideration and exploration, the decision to invest in InXpress London was ultimately an easy one, with all the multi-faceted support, both from and independent of family. “Even right up to the top level, everybody is genuinely supportive. I realised, if I was to run a business why not join InXpress – I have a whole network to help me flourish.”

You’re really not alone!

If you, like Jess, aren’t sure you have what it takes, doubts shouldn’t hold you back.  As Jess says, “The guidance and encouragement I’ve received is uncapped. Everyone has been so generous with their knowledge and connections. And, with all the assets available to you as a franchise owner, you don’t need to think about anything around branding, strategy, websites, marketing etc. From day one Head Office has everything set so you will succeed.”

This is the benefit of investing in an InXpress franchise: The business model is tried-and-tested 420+ times by every InXpress franchisee operating around the world. So, the training you’ll receive is a stepping stone to success. Jess speaks with admiration of the whole process which gave her a solid foundation for her franchise. “The training is comprehensive, starting with a week-long intensive and immersive experience at the Head office in Rochdale. The InXpress University is great, enabling me to dip in-and-out whenever I’ve needed a refresher on any aspect of my business. And, of course, my Business Coach is only a phone call away.”

A woman in a man’s world!

The thought of entering a male dominated profession may feel daunting however, at InXpress Jess doesn’t feel like she’s treated any differently to her male counterparts, who are vying for her success, anyway. “Although I’m one of the first woman to buy a franchise independently, there are so many inspirational women already in the network. They’re all extremely vocal, and powerful, and have shared their incredible knowledge and experiences with me, very generously. Including my little sister, Chloe. She is unbelievably knowledgeable, and her sales technique is next level!”

But let’s be honest, being a young, female leader can be challenging! And being the female owner of a ‘traditionally male’ business, has its own issues. But with the mentorship of her Coach, Jess is adjusting to her new role well, and she’s joined a few local female networking groups. “I think one of my biggest challenges is figuring out how to still be me: warm and friendly, but with those having boundaries and expectations in place when dealing with both customers and staff.”

Think you’re ready for a new challenge?

If being a business owner on your own or with your family is a goal for you, an InXpress franchise could be just what you’re looking for. “I would say,” Jess concludes, “if you are looking for a long-term career change with real uncapped potential, InXpress is such a great business model. And, people will always need shipping!”

With a supportive network who feel like a family, and the knowledge to hit the ground running, contact us today to explore InXpress for yourself.

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