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InXpress Blog: Feb 24


If you’re considering your business options, and wondering what the deal is with InXpress, we want to tell you a little about ourselves, and what our franchise opportunity is all about.

We’re a shipping franchise like no other; REAL people offering REAL solutions to our customers’ genuine shipping needs, utilising the services of our well-known courier partners. So, in order to stay ahead of the curve, we have been researching Forbes 2024 trends, a trusted voice in business insights, and picked out the reasons why now is the ideal time to consider joining InXpress. Here's how:


The e-commerce industry is absolutely booming right now and is a key driver for business success in 2024. At InXpress, our number one focus is efficient global shipping solutions, so strategically positioning ourselves within the e-commerce ecosystem just makes sense. The surge in online retail and the growing demand for reliable shipping services allows us to plan for ultimate customer satisfaction.

Technological Evolution

There’s no denying we live in a technological age. InXpress, being a frontrunner in the logistics sector, uses state-of-the-art technology to make our operations speedy and efficient for both our customers, and our franchise partners. Using the latest technologies, through our own developed shipping platform webship+, we can be innovative, equipping you with the tools needed to stay ahead for your business.

Remote Working

As we continue to adapt to a new way of remote working, InXpress appreciates the flexibility many of our franchisees want. A franchise with us can be managed from anywhere in the world, with just a laptop and a stable internet connection: home, the office, a beach in Thailand! Our aspiring entrepreneurs can easily balance their business commitments around their personal life, and family responsibilities.

Collaboration and Networking

There’s power in collaboration! InXpress, as a global brand, provides our 450+ global franchisees with access to a vast network of like-minded entrepreneurs. Using platforms like LinkedIn, gives our teams a safe space for professional networking, creating partnerships, and connecting with clients globally. Not to mention our franchise conference, ongoing training events, and award ceremonies where we connect and share ideas face-to-face.

Experience this for yourself

Although the economic landscape is constantly changing, InXpress offers a successful, proven business model, giving people like you a stable grounding to start a new business with us. So, although things are tight with the cost-of-living crisis, know that you can maximise your return on investment with us.

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