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My Window Cleaner accelerates brand development with new addition to head office


As My Window Cleaner kick starts 2024, head office is wasting no time in boosting its efforts to support franchisees through additional marketing and support. As the 24-strong franchise network continues to benefit from high demand for industry-leading exterior home services, My Window Cleaner has proudly welcomed Marketing and Operations Coordinator Aidan Davis to further develop the brand’s digital and traditional marketing strategies.

Monitoring, the company's continued growth and development, Aidan’s responsibilities in the marketing and operational departments will hone in on hyper-localised development strategies and direct franchisee support along with performance monitoring to maximise franchisee experiences. This includes customer analysis on how communities interact with franchisees on social media and utilising franchisee marketing budgets to suit their exact needs. And with a commitment to supporting franchisees through the home services industry’s increasing demand, Aidan is set to foster an environment where the network feels championed in every aspect of their business.

“I'm thrilled to have joined My Window Cleaner at such an exciting time of its franchise journey and I feel like I've joined a brand with immense potential,” explained Aidan. “It's a pleasure to work under a franchisor who shares my passion for innovative thinking and who recognises the potential in my own expertise and ambitions. A key aspect of my role involves empowering our franchisees with modern marketing techniques. By introducing cutting-edge strategies and tools, we’ll be able to maximise the growth and success of each individual business within our network. The potential for growth and the impact we can make in the franchise industry excites me greatly. The brand's dynamic environment, and the opportunity to make a real impact, is what drives me every day.”

This additional recruitment comes on the back of My Window Cleaner’s most illustrious year to date. After gaining incredible momentum which saw the network add 4,000 new customers in 2023 alone, the brand was awarded the title of The Best Business to Consumer Franchise Brand of 2023, along with their second successive 5-star status. With Aidan now leading the charge on developing holistic marketing strategies for each individual franchisee, their day-to-day roles are becoming increasingly simplified and rewarding through hands-on assistance and accessible tools to execute effective marketing campaigns. Aidan will also be responsible for supplier relations and negotiation, enabling franchisees to deliver a seamless service delivery to customers with favourable franchisee discount.

“Aidan appointment as our Marketing and Operations Coordinator is a vital step forward for My Window Cleaners’ continued brand development in the pursuit of capitalising on the success we celebrated in 2023,” added Karen Prewer, Founder of My Window Cleaner. “Aidan has already made a huge impact on our franchisees’ approach to digitalised marketing and ensuring it works in tandem with other traditional methods we utilise as a brand. We’re incredibly excited to see what innovative ideas he brings throughout 2024 and beyond. We place a remarkable amount of importance on maintaining a state-of-the-art presence in both the franchise and home services industry and we know that Aidan’s appointment in our head office team will contribute to that greatly. In our refusal to stagnate, we know this is another step that further secures our 5-star status.”

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