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Who wants to be a Millionaire?


There’s a club at Revive! that everybody aspires to join!

The £1m turnover club currently has four members all with their own unique success stories.

Revive! East Anglia was the first to reach the £1m milestone in 2019 and the team there are well on the way towards their two million target. Revive! Surrey was next with Revive! Trafford and Revive! Northampton snapping closely at their heels.

At the start of their Revive! journey, none of the franchisees could ever imagine reaching such dizzy heights. Revive! East Anglia and Revive! Surrey began with just one van whilst the others originally worked in the business as technicians before deciding to buy their own territories. Yet they all put their success down to the same combination of ambition, sheer hard work on their part and first-class support, mentoring and training from the Revive! head office team.

When he launched Revive! Cambridge in 2007, Nathan Holmes had one single goal. To build a business not just be a ‘man in a van’. By 2012 when he had smashed every Revive! sales record and built his fleet of vans to five, he invited employee Andy Blackhurst and good friend Adam Holmes (no relation) to become shareholders and join him in the business and together they bought adjacent territories to create Revive! East Anglia.

Now 17 years on Revive! East Anglia is a business employing 22 people, running 10 vans with 17 technicians and two workshops. Healthy competition is what motivates them to strive for continual growth. Explained Adam: “Revive! has a great franchise model and everything else that goes with it, but sometimes it’s that drive of competition that makes you want to be the best. Whether that’s being the best with customer service or quality of repair it’s competition from the network that motivates us to be always at the top.”

Owner of Revive! Surrey, Jay Belam was a sergeant in the army before he launched Revive! in Guildford in 2010. Jay now has 20 employees, 10 vans and a workshop, with 17 technicians. He says, “what drove me then and what still drives me today, is the need to achieve more each day. Whatever the customer’s question we always strive to say yes, and whatever the problem we’ll give them the solution.”

He set up Revive!’s first dedicated alloy wheel repair centre and the first to be opened in Surrey. Having cornered the trade market in Surrey, he’s building up his retail share, growing retail sales quickly.

Iain Wallis started his smart repair career as a trainee technician at Revive!’s training academy in Rugby then joined Revive! Northampton as a technician, then business partner, before buying out the previous owner to take sole ownership in 2016. Now he has 10 employees and one of the biggest personal benefits he gets from running the business is “seeing the guys who work for the business grow, having children and buying houses. I find that really rewarding.”

Newest members of the £1m club are husband and wife team Dan and Natalie Normanton owners of Revive! Trafford.  Before launching their own Revive! business 16 years ago Dan initially worked as a Revive! technician in a neighbouring territory. He could see first-hand the opportunities running a Revive business could provide, so when their first child was born, buying their own territory seemed the ideal way to build a stable financial future for their family. Working side by side, they’ve grown Revive! Trafford to such a size that they now employ nine people with eight vans on the road. 

All the members of the £1m Club acknowledge that they have had great support from the Revive! head office team along the way to help them grow and achieve their goals. Natalie Normanton at Trafford strongly agrees: “We were too busy running the business to fully engage with head office but when we realised that we had to prioritise that and started to make more of an effort and listening to what they were telling us it made a massive improvement to our growth. They’ve pushed us to work towards better business planning and supported us when doing that. They’ve definitely been integral to the growth of our business.”

Said Cathryn Hayes, Revive! franchise director: “We know that running your own business can seem like a very daunting prospect, which is why we support and train franchisees at every stage of their Revive! journey. Franchisees receive training tailored to each owner’s individual needs and meet regularly with other franchisees at similar levels of growth to share ideas and mentor each other. 

All Revive! franchisees are placed in cohorts in the Accelerated Growth Potential programme, which provides tailored and targeted training courses, coaching and further development, which has helped numerous franchisees to grow and build their businesses.

For Iain Wallis, joining the AGP group was a real catalyst for the growth of Revive! Northampton: “It’s been a massive help. The guys at head office, the training team but also fellow franchisees show you what’s possible and give you that ambition and that character chase. The structure that head office puts in place just gets better and better all the time.”

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