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Celebrate World Sake Day with us!


In Japan , the 1st October is known as "Nihonshu no Hi" - World Sake Day which celebrates and honours the national drink of Japan. Over the years, it has gain popularity across Japan and worldwide as an occasion to bring people together, learn about sake and discover new flavours.

Shoryu Ramen will celebrate for the month of October with a special sake and ramen pairing available across the Shoryu estate available until 31 October. Diners will be able to pair any ramen with their signature Kikizake Sake Flight, with sake from Gekkeikan - one of the oldest sake breweries in the world and the chosen sake of the Japanese Imperial Family.

The three sake on offer include Tarusake, the woody one, the Japanese cedar barrels used in the production process gives a spicy nose with a hint of seaweed. Tokusen, offering diners a rich umami taste with a silky and smooth finish and finally Nigori, a cloud, fruity sake that is easy to drink, perfectly paired for desserts and a digestif at the end of meal. Each sake flight is served with tasting notes, making it the perfect introduction into the world of sake.  

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