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Shoryu Ramen to launch new Yamakasa set menu for Summer


Shoryu Ramen specialises in Hakata tonkotsu ramen from the Hakata district of Fukuoka city on the southern island of Kyushu, Japan. Hakata tonkotsu ramen is a style of ramen made with a thick, rich, white pork soup and thin, straight ramen noodles. 

This year they are going back to their roots and celebrating  Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival, one of the most famous and exciting festivals in Japan with a limited edition set menu. The festival is 750 years old and is held in the first half of July in Hakata.

 The idea of Yamakasa has roots that can be traced back 750 years when a Buddhist priest named Shoichi Kokushi was carried on a platform around the town sprinkling holy water. This religious ceremony was held annually to prevent diseases from returning and gradually evolved into the Yamakasa festival we see today.

The highlight of the Hakata Yamakasa festival is the thrilling race known as "Oiyama," where massive, intricately decorated floats called "Kakiyama" are carried through the streets by teams of enthusiastic participants. 

The limited edition menu is inspired by famous ingredients from the region including Hakata mentaiko pollock roe, that will make up the Mini Mentai Char Siu Takana Don, with bbq pork belly, nitamago egg,  takana mustard, and nori seaweed on a bed of Japanese rice. For main their signature Ganso Tonkotsu Ramen will feature with a rich 12-hour pork broth ramen topped with char siu bbq pork belly, rich orange yolk nitamago egg, kikurage mushrooms, spring onion, red ginger and nori seaweed.

To drink, the menu takes inspiration from the famous Hakata Amaou strawberries from the Fukuoka Prefecture, extra juicy and known for their sweet flavour with guests able to enjoy a Strawberry Gin & Tonic, Strawberry Shochu Sour, or a fresh Strawberry Lemonade.

The limited edition menu has been devised by Executive Chef Kanji Furukawa who was also  born and raised in Hakata, alongside Shoryu's owner Tak Tokumine who is also a native of the city. Together they are dedicated to championing their hometown’s local speciality.

The set menu will be available at all Shoryu Ramen ramen bars from Tuesday 27 June until  23 July 2023.

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