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Second Restaurant is Sizzling Success for Burger & Sauce Franchisee!


Burger & Sauce’s most recent restaurant opening in Nottingham has been a sizzling success with opening sales exceeding targets by 20%!   The outlet located on Alfreton Road is managed by multi-unit franchisee Subhan Munir who also runs the Alum Rock Burger & Sauce in Birmingham and will soon open in Derby. 

Subhan Munir explains: “If you’d have told me five years ago, I would be a successful fast food business owner and franchisee for one of the freshest, up and coming brands I would never have believed it!  I was trained as a pilot before the Pandemic hit and so with airlines grounded and no jobs, I needed to look for another career.  The move to fast food has now really taken off!” 

The Alum Rock Burger & Sauce opened during the Pandemic, Suhan continues: “Despite the restrictions, I quickly realised there was an opportunity to grow and operate multiple restaurants.  I’ve already agreed to open four more in the near future and Nottingham has been the first of those.”

When it comes to new restaurant openings the site is of paramount importance.  Subhan explains: “We use bespoke mapping software to determine the best places to open.  We look at population density and demographics.  We are also looking for a visible, central location with high footfall, good communication and delivery routes too.  Size wise between 1,500-2,500 square feet works well for our format.”

Burger & Sauce use leisure real estate specialist McKinnon Nelson as the consultant and lead property advisor for the fast-food franchise’s expansion plans and to support the franchisees to help them secure the best sites, on the best terms.  Once the deal is sealed, legals, planning consent and the shop build come next.  Subhan confirms:  “Burger & Sauce works with the very best people to ensure the process of opening is made as easy as possible.  It’s been really exciting seeing the restaurant being built from the ground up, to take the keys and welcome customers just a few weeks later!”

The site build normally takes 6-8 weeks to complete and recruitment usually begins once the contractors are on site.  “Finding great local staff is important so we can offer the best customer service to go with our fresh, tasty burgers!” explains Subhan.  “For our existing team we like to promote from within.  For Nottingham, my manager at Allum Rock has moved up to become area manager as he will also look after the new Derby outlet when it opens later this year.  My assistant manager in Birmingham now becomes manager.  It’s great to be able to reward loyal team members in this way and offer real prospects as we grow.”

The Nottingham Burger & Sauce opened in Mid-September 2022 to great customer reviews.  Subhan continues:  “It’s located in a student area with lots of competition.  Also it’s our first outlet outside Birmingham so it’s been amazing to receive such positive feedback from customers and great social reviews.  With the return of students this term, we look forward to growing sales even more up to the end of the year.”

For those interested in running a Burger & Sauce restaurant, exclusive territories are currently available in the Midlands.  A ten-year franchise licence is £15,000 plus store and fit-out costs, planning and legal fees plus  management service fee and marketing contribution.  Multi-site development licences are also available for approved franchisees.  

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