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Waking up the establishment with a new kind of children's franchise


The launch of a new franchise opportunity in the UK is always an exciting time. But when that opportunity looks set to disrupt a long-established market – things get really interesting! Little Dreams Consulting is the UK’s first and only bfa accredited baby sleep consultancy franchise. And what’s more, the business’ evidence-based, ethical and quality assured approach is revolutionising the sector.

Former solicitor, Jenna Wilson, founded Little Dreams Consulting in 2016 whilst pregnant with her third child. Her vision was to create a credible, standards-led support service as a lifeline for other busy, professional families. Business partner and Mental Health Social Worker, Fay Smith, joined the team in 2019. Since then, Little Dreams Consulting has supported more than 700 families and has averaged over 25% growth year on year. With pleas for help continuing to flood in, the Little Dreams Consulting franchise was born.

The brand addresses one of the most crippling yet unsupported issues faced by modern families - parental sleep deprivation. Widely understood to have devastating effects on physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing as well as impacting careers and relationships. Backed up by years of experience, Little Dreams Consulting’s solutions are evidence-based and ethical whilst still being practical and outcome-focussed. As a result, Little Dreams Consulting is already a multi-award-winning business with hundreds of positive reviews and a Net Promoter Score of over 95%.

And it’s not just the consumer marketplace where the brand is carving out a new path. As a white-collar, child-focussed wellbeing business, the franchise is arguably the first of its kind in the UK. A testament to the appetite for a sophisticated, rewarding and flexible model, within a matter of months, franchisees were successfully operating in Devon, Cornwall, Bath and Swindon. Now, Jenna and Fay are opening up the opportunity to the rest of the nation in a bid to keep up with demand.

“We’re a professional consultancy service – it just so happens that our work is with parents of babies and young children. We’re a health and wellbeing, family-focussed franchise, rather than a typical children’s business,” explains Jenna. “Most franchisors who serve children and families say that their models are flexible, but in general, franchisees are still bound by the constraints of class schedules, term times and venue availability. Yet another way that our business is unique is that it is truly flexible and can be run from anywhere at any time.

“Fay and I have backgrounds in traumatic professional children’s services, and, therefore, we’ve always been focussed on long-term solutions rather than firefighting. We’ve been purpose built by a business-savvy, analytical, extremely proficient team with skills covering all aspects of business, mental health, law, and the science of sleep. But we also care deeply about the families we support. We’ve each been there in one form or another and understand the importance and the impact of our work. It’s no exaggeration to say that we change people’s lives.”

Little Dreams Consulting is offering its first ten franchisees the opportunity to join the brand for just £15.5k. Incredibly, all franchisees also benefit from a 12-month, weekly support programme and one-to-one mentoring with Jenna and Fay. As demonstrated by the founding business, franchisees have the option to build a team of professional consultants around them as the business grows. The highest quality training, proprietary systems and techniques go hand-in-hand with genuine care and a passion for helping those who have, often, hit rock bottom.

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