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Razzamataz celebrates International Women's Day


International Women's Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. Marked annually on March 8th, Razzamataz Theatre Schools celebrates its own incredible women and the franchise structure that allows them to succeed. With almost 60 schools across the UK and a mostly female Head Office and franchise network, Razzamataz supports women of every age and background to thrive.

Celebrating woman’s achievements

Women often don’t get the credit they deserve, especially in business. At Razzamataz, we are so proud of our franchisees and believe that they must be given the platform to shine. Therefore, we regularly enter franchisees in awards, both external and internal. We are delighted to have many franchisees who have received numerous top industry awards, including double winners in the British Franchise Association Awards, one of the industry’s most prestigious events.

Raising awareness about women’s equality

Far more women than men choose to take parental leave. This, together with a lack of childcare facilities, means that women are often forced to leave the labour market. Only 65.8% of women with young children in the EU are working, compared with 89.1% of men. Across Europe around 32% of women work part-time, compared with only around 8% of men. The flexible nature of a Razzamataz franchise means that we have many parents within the network. Being able to work from home with hours to suit the individual’s lifestyle together with having all school holidays where there are no Razzamataz classes, means that there are far fewer barriers to women excelling within our network.

Uplifting women to achieve at every age and stage

There are many obstacles in the way for women to start their own business. We are extremely proud that we have women at many different stages in their life, either becoming business owners for the first time, starting a new career or coming back to work after a break. From recent graduates to those embarking on a new challenge once their children have left home, we support all women to reach their full potential.

Raising the visibility of women as leaders

Razzamataz has a rich history of former students who are now teachers and former teachers who are now franchisees. Considering this, we have launched our own Teacher Training Academy, creating a future generation of franchisees and entrepreneurs. Many women struggle to see themselves as leaders, either through lack of training or support. Much of the success from Razzamataz comes from the constant level of support and training that is offered at every level. This gives franchisees the confidence to grow and become multi-unit owners. Through the Teacher Training Academy, Razzamataz will work with teachers looking to improve their classes as well as giving them the opportunity to grow their own careers. Women make up the majority of the Razzamataz teaching staff, so we believe this new initiative will help raise their visibility and belief that they can become leaders in their chosen field.


Whether deliberate or unconscious, bias makes it difficult for women to move ahead. The campaign theme for International Women’s Day 2022 is #BreakTheBias, something that Razzamataz is also passionate about. Razzamataz is a truly inclusive environment for both students, staff, and franchisees. We support team members with any difficulties they may face, including the introduction of our recent Wellness Service, where franchisees can get access to a dedicated coach to support their mental health.

A snapshot of success for Razzamataz female franchisees

  • Samantha Wingfield, franchisee Razzamataz Leighton Buzzard has reached a huge milestone of 100 students just one term after launching.
  • Amanda Birnie, franchisee Razzamataz Glasgow North created social media videos and posts, leading to more than 60 students joining the next Easter school.
  • Asha Richardson took over Razzamataz Penrith in July 2020, with just 35 students. In just over a year, the school has grown to more than 250 students and she has rebranded it Razzamataz South Lakes, opening new classes and new venues.
  • Hayley Limpkin, franchisee Razzamataz Medway took home two awards in what is known as the biggest and most influential event in the franchising world, the British Franchise Awards.

Many of our franchisees have been able to transition out of their existing jobs, into running their schools full time in just a few years. The financial stability that Razzamataz offers has given them the live/work balance that they have been looking for.

“When you have a family, you can make Razzamataz fit in too. I’m able to get my daughter ready for school and then go to muck out the stables, knowing that I'm not running back to a 9 to 5 job,” Michaela Crumpton franchisee Razzamataz Bristol South and Bristol North.

“I’ve overcome many challenges since I started my business at a young age and learnt so much. Being a franchisee has allowed me the freedom to be an entrepreneur but with support. The structure has given me focus but it is not restrictive so I can be creative with how I market and build my brand in my local area,” Helen Bell, franchisee Razzamataz Sheffield.

“I love being able to work around my life and my family. This flexible working method enables me to be there for my three children whenever they need me. Making the decision to invest in a Razzamataz school was the best one I could have made, I could never go back now,” Debbi Ledwith, franchisee Razzamataz Newbury.

“The biggest benefit of being part of the Razzamataz franchise is the wonderful support that we get and the way we are encouraged to step out of our comfort zone. The Head Office team are there every step of the way and I found that it was such a supportive environment, and I was encouraged to feel that I could ask anything,” Zoe McKibbin, franchisee Razzamataz Edinburgh and Razzamataz Glasgow South.  

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