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What are the characteristics of a great business opportunity?

The Clarriots Care franchise model is not only about being your own boss and in control of your own destiny, it’s also about owning a great business opportunity and being part of one of the fastest growing franchise networks in the UK. It’s about the right opportunity at the right time!

Timing is key, and look at these figures, since 2005 the population aged 65+ has increased by 21% and the population aged 85+ has increased by 31%. It’s estimated that there will be over 6 million people with a long term illness or disability and over 15million people aged over 65 by 2030 in the UK.

This highlights the need for more care providers across the UK and the huge potential for new business. Clarriots can show you how to setup your own successful business to make sure you get your share of this £43bn market.

At Clarriots we are already experiencing this trend, our network turnover increased again in June by 18.90%, proving there has never been a better time to join our network. Our passion for your success means we are constantly investing back into the brand to ensure we are in the best position to offer you a great, profitable business opportunity that really will make a life changing difference.

The characteristics of a good business opportunity ultimately comes down to the demand for its services, without it there is no business. While it is possible to generate a demand through advertising, it has to be organic and sustainable otherwise the surge will only be temporary and the business will slow again.

Once you’ve identified the demand and marketplace for your service, it’s time to concentrate on the bigger picture. Don’t get caught up in the stuff that doesn’t really matter in the early stages and doesn’t actually make you money. It’s very easy to shift focus to the exciting finer details, like business cards, desks, office equipment and painting the office in your brand colours. Just don’t do it!

It’s far more beneficial to concentrate on the core of all business, sales. Once you have a successful sales strategy in place you can begin to work out your next move in four simple steps. Your business should be properly led and managed, making sales, delivering a high quality service and keeping track of data. Data logging will eventually provide you with all the information you need to continue building and growing your business.

The Clarriots franchise package makes these four simple steps easy to follow. The tools and training provided to all franchise owners really do give you the recipe for success, all you have to do is follow and trust it. Proving it time and time again, the Clarriots network increased by 75% last year with offices opening nationwide as entrepreneurs recognise the opportunity presented by rapid and sustainable growth in the care and elderly sector. An opportunity is all about the demand and the care sector certainly has plenty of demand which as we know is only set to increase.

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