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A Legacy of Nutritional Excellence: 30 Years of OSCAR Pet Foods


OSCAR Pet Foods has been a trusted name in the pet industry for 30 years, providing high-quality pet products and services. Committed to the health and well-being of pets, OSCAR Pet Foods continues to innovate and grow, now offering an enhanced franchise opportunity for 2024.

This move not only signifies confidence in the brand but also presents an excellent opportunity for individuals with diverse backgrounds and skill sets to join the OSCAR family.

To celebrate their 30th Anniversary OSCAR are enhancing their franchise package with targeted social media expertise and tempting customer rewards.

Enjoy launching your new business with:

  • A bespoke social media campaign, targeting specific areas and demographics within your exclusive territory.
  • A giveaway competition, providing 30 lucky customers the opportunity to win a free Starter Pack.
  • Dedicated social media guidance throughout the launch: including tracking and analytic tools to measure your campaign’s success.
  • Celebrating such a milestone is a fantastic opportunity to engage with your audience, boost brand awareness, and attract new customers.
  • As OSCAR Pet Foods continues to evolve, the commitment to supporting franchise owners in their journey is a key factor in maintaining a strong network.
  • With over 16.2 million UK households owning pets there has never been a better time to step into the pet industry. (*UK Pet Food 2023 equivalent to 57%)

Interested and want to know more about OSCAR Pet Foods ?

The OSCAR Pet Foods profile outlines all aspects of their franchise opportunity and allows you to contact them for further information or to ask a question.

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