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How to Launch a Successful Wingers Restaurant


In the past year, Wingers has successfully launched six new restaurants.  We’ve cooked up a recipe for success and thought we’d share our top tips with you!

Location, Location, Location

The location of any quick service restaurant (QSR) is paramount.  However, sourcing the perfect site can take time.  

At Wingers, we are always on the lookout for the best locations and also use a site sourcing company when appropriate too.  We require high footfall, prominent locations which will guarantee a steady stream of customers through our doors.  We usually choose somewhere in or close to a shopping centre or high street.  It’s ideal if there is parking nearby for customers and also room for delivery drivers and deliveries too.

Train to Gain

It takes around six to eight weeks from site agreement to the completion of the store fit out and then opening.  During that time, our new franchisee will undertake training.  This is usually hands-on in our Aldridge restaurant so franchisees can learn every aspect of running a successful Wingers, including working with staff and customers.  New franchisees also spend time at our head office to learn about business management which includes things like invoicing, stock management, balancing food costs and wages.  Because franchisees all have different levels of experience, we tailor training to their needs. 

Fit for Purpose

As part of our franchise package, we manage the fit-out process of the new restaurant on behalf of our franchisees.  We work with a team of trusted suppliers who we know do a great job.  This ensures the new restaurant will look amazing and is ready for the planned opening date.

Ready for Lift-off

While the restaurant fit out takes place, we are working on the launch plan.  This means helping the franchisee to ensure the right staff are recruited and trained.  We also put a marketing plan in place.   We work on a promotional video for social media and come up with some special launch offers to tempt new customers.  We aim for an early weekday opening.  This means the restaurant opens ‘softly’ at first and all the staff can get ready and accustomed to the working environment before the first weekend which is always busy!

The best laid plans…

Although we plan thoroughly for launch and ensure no stone is left unturned, inevitably there may need to be some troubleshooting during the run up to the launch of any new restaurant.  If something does crop up it is something outside of our control like new equipment not working properly or an unforeseen challenge relating to the property during fit out.  The great thing about joining a franchise is that as a management team we are experienced in resolving any challenges to ensure the show goes on with minimal hassle for the franchisee.  It’s important that franchisees realise they can rely fully on the Wingers’ team to support them on their road to success.

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