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Body Fit Training franchisee hits a PB with the launch of the first UK location


When it comes to franchises that have smashed their goals over the past few years, it is hard to think of anyone better than Body Fit Training (BFT). Since launching in 2018, the fitness franchise has gone from strength to strength, winning the Fit Summit Franchise of The Year Award for two consecutive years in 2020 & 2021 and experiencing massive global success across its 225 studios. However, there is now another reason for the internationally recognised fitness brand to celebrate.

Brian Saund and James Kotak recently launched BFT’s first UK franchise in Leicester. Between them, the Leicestershire duo have a strong community focus, business acumen and a passion for fitness - all attributes that lend themselves to be the perfect BFT franchisee. And after a successful opening, James and Brian are set to keep on scaling up their business in the coming months and continue to build on their growing membership of over 175.

“We first became aware of the boutique fitness model in North America and soon found ourselves travelling to Australia to experience BFT. From the outset, it was clear that BFT offered something different to traditional gyms in the UK. Not only was the brand helping people produce incredible results, but it was doing it whilst keeping sessions fun and motivational for all participants,” explained Brian. 

“As experienced gym goers, we know the importance of switching up sessions to avoid boredom. The fact that the BFT studio we visited offered a variety of workouts, meaning members wouldn’t experience plateaus or get bored of coming to sessions, was a huge selling point for us. We eventually made a few enquiries about how we could get involved, and after conversations with the head office team, we decided this was too good an opportunity to miss. It’s fair to say we haven’t looked back since.”

BFT’s programme uses proven, scientifically validated training methodologies to develop 13 varied programmes into eight-week progressive training blocks. Each training block's foundation uses validated periodisation principles and progressive overload to provide BFT members with the best chance to achieve their health and fitness goals. These are the same periodisation and progressive overload principles and methodologies that are employed by conditioning coaches around the world to train elite athletes!

“For our franchise training, we attended a BFT boot camp in Melbourne. In total, the training lasted for six days. The first three were all based around business integration training, where we were brought up to speed with the brand’s operations and sales process. We were also given an insight into the IT and management systems we had to use. The final three days are designed to teach you about the training and coaching we deliver in the gym. We sent our studio manager, Steve, to complete this training in August, which he also really enjoyed. The whole process was integral and helped us to understand the BFT way. 

“In terms of support and helping us get started, BFT has been amazing. The head office team are easy to communicate with and always on hand to help whenever we need them. We have received guidance throughout the entire opening process, from site selection, lease negotiation, and construction, to recruiting studio staff and activating the sales process and marketing strategy. We had some of the team fly all the way from Australia for our Grand Opening, which made us feel incredibly welcome to the BFT family. Since opening, we have received great ongoing support and attend weekly update webinars where we receive one-on-one support to ask any questions we need.”

BFT does not just offer great support to franchisees. The franchise also aims to provide a great member experience. We are deeply rooted in our communities and encourage our franchisees to embrace their local community as well as the BFT franchisee community. 

As well as owning BFT, Brian is also a wellness coach and mental health advocate and expects BFT to impact more than just people’s physical fitness. “I’m a stage 4 cancer survivor and know all too well what happens when you neglect yourself,” said Brian. “Now, my personal and professional focus in life is to develop myself and lift those around me. So, the new BFT gym is a great tool to improve the mental health of the people in our local community. James and I are all about creating a great environment to help our members push each other to be better every day. Our coaches develop great personal relationships with our clients and understand their goals. That way, we can provide constant motivation and encouragement to get them where they want to be.

“I would highly recommend BFT to anyone interested in investing in a franchise. We are proof of how successful the model can be – especially in the UK. Within our first week of launching, the studio had already attracted 175 members. This proves that despite everything that has happened over the past few years, the health and fitness market is booming. Owning a BFT franchise will allow you to capitalise on this trending fitness industry.”

With 50,000+ members and more than 225 studios open across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, USA and the UK, BFT is an internationally recognised fitness brand with proven success in its science and technology-based functional and strength-based training. BFT provides workouts with more than just scattered programming and results; it is also a welcoming, inclusive, motivating, and safe space.

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