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Camile Thai Leads the Market with New Sustainability Initiative


Innovation and Sustainability have been at the core of Camile’s business since it opened its first location in 2010 and yesterday Camile Thai launched its newest initiative to help empower customers to make better choices for the planet. The first restaurants to do so in Ireland, Camile’s Menus will now display the Carbon Emissions of each dish on their menus.

The Carbon Footprint of a dish is multifaceted, from water consumption to storage and transport. In order to create a clear, concise way to communicate these values for guests, Camile worked with a leading accessible provider of food carbon labels, ‘My Emissions’. Factoring in all the contributing elements, My Emissions have Developed an A-E rating scale based on the Carbon intensity (‘A’ signalling Low impact and E Very High).

Speaking at the launch was newly appointed MD Camile Thai Ireland Daniel Greene, who in 2015 was instrumental at Camile Thai in the development and addition of Nutritional information to Camile’s menus. “When it comes to reducing our impact on the environment, small changes can have a huge impact. By simply swapping out beef (rated E) for tofu (rated A) in our Green Curry saves more emissions than a single train journey from London to Paris. We are all much more aware of how vital it is to make positive changes and are delighted to be able to give our guests easy access to information that can help”.

From Compostable Packaging to supplying nutritional information for each dish, Camile has pioneered ways to empower guests with information and many of their initiatives have gone on to be widely adopted across the industry. Founder & CEO Brody Sweeney welcomes the continuation of this trend. “Introducing the addition of carbon ratings to our menu will help encourage change on an individual level, but it would also be great to see more restaurants across Ireland providing this information. We may be the first but hopefully are not the last”.

Carbon Ratings for the Camile Thai menu can be found www.camile.ie/sustainability. Ratings will also be added to Camile Menus over the coming months at all their locations in Ireland and the UK. More information on Camile’s Sustainability Practices is available at https://www.camile.ie/sustainability

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