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Razzamataz franchisee loves being her own boss at such a young age


Kasey Banks, age 25, is the franchisee of Razzamataz Thurrock which she launched in September 2021. Although she purchased and trained through very uncertain times, by March 2022 she has surpassed our initial growth projections with more than 130 students in just 12 weeks. As well as producing her own show and taking her students to perform with us in the West End, Kasey is extremely dedicated and passionate about improving young people’s lives through the performing arts. Kasey is well on her way to being the Principal of a flagship school.

In the beginning:

“I have a BA Hons degree in music, specialising in jazz vocals. When I left, I applied for a job as a teaching assistant at Razzamataz Brentwood and also had fun being Princess Belle. When the singing teacher left, I was promoted and then quickly expanded my teaching days. I had a five-to-ten-year plan to eventually open my own Razzamataz, but the Principal Jess came to me with a plan to open a school together. I knew I had to grab it because when someone shows you how to reach your goal years early, you just have to go for it.”

Any worries or concerns:

“Not about the brand or the running of the school because I knew I loved the ethos and what Razzamataz stood for. But I did have lots of concerns about the business side of things because I don’t know anyone who has owned a business before. With the Razzamataz franchise, there is endless support and specialist advice on every aspect of running a business. I also love the fact that I can say that I’m part of something so much bigger than we are as an individual school. The other franchisees in the network have also been amazing, I simply couldn’t do it without them.”

Start of your journey:

“The training week is so informative but there is such a lot of information it can feel overwhelming. But having the support of Head Office and other franchisees also starting out, was so important. We’ve grown as a school much faster than we were expecting but I’m so passionate about the brand that customers can see that and want their children to be part of it too. We also invest in our staff with group bonding days out, lots of training and I ensure that I take advantage of all networking opportunities. The key thing is investment, you get out what you put in.”

Typical day:

“Every day is very different, and I really enjoy that with the role. I love how flexible the work is and that I can go to the gym every morning before I start my day.”

Questions to ask a franchisor:

“Look for a good support system and good vibes. Razzamataz is a network that supports each other. Our brand is also very strong, and customers recognise it, which is beneficial when you are launching in a new area to help you stand out from the competition.”

What have you learnt:

“I’ve learnt so much about myself and really feel like I’ve grown into myself more as a person. I’ve realised that I’m much more resilient than I thought I was, and my confidence has also increased. So much of my job is problem solving and now I just look for solutions rather than getting stressed.”

Highlights and rewards:

“Being my own boss and making my own timetable at a young age is so rewarding. I sometimes look around the school and it takes me a moment to realise that this is mine and I’ve grown it through my own hard work. I also love it when parents and families come up to me and say how their child is growing in confidence each week and the amazing compliments that I receive about their behaviour and how much fun they are having.”

Looking to the future:

“We have our first show in May and I’m so excited to see the children perform and the reactions from our families. I’ve got lots of big dreams now, which include growing Razzamataz Thurrock and opening more schools in new territories.”

“I also love the fact that I can say that I’m part of something so much bigger than we are as an individual school.”

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