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Knowledge Transfer Partnership set to strengthen future business performance for OSCAR Pet Foods

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The future looks bright for OSCAR. Business experts at Edge Hill University have been awarded more than £100,000 in government-backed funding to transform the business performance of the franchising market leaders. The university’s Business School Productivity and Innovation Centre (PIC) will offer expert data analysis on customer profiles and purchasing behaviours to maximise existing and new business opportunities within a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP).

The partnership is a three-way collaboration between the university, OSCAR Pet Foods, and a graduate who will gain full-time employment as an associate to OSCAR.

Renowned for being a company that plans for the future and places franchisee support high on its list of priorities, the Managing Director of OSCAR Pet Foods, Richard Martin, first engaged with the PIC in 2019 to embark on the university’s Innovation Sprint Programme. It offers core data-driven innovation to help small and medium-sized enterprises to develop their scale-up or growth strategy. Richard explains:

“The impact that the data-driven marketing tools and framework will have on our business processes will not only result in growth for OSCAR but also for our trusted network of franchisees, both existing and new. We will be able to make informed decisions when facing new business opportunities with confidence and look forward to continuing our successful partnership with the university.”

This exciting collaboration will enrich existing marketing plans with data-driven expertise and analysis and boost online sales – driving benefits to the dedicated franchise network.

Aside from access to highly qualified people to lead and deliver new projects, KTPs afford an increase in skills and capacity for existing staff – not to mention increased profitability and competitive advantage.

After a year adapting to post pandemic consequences this fantastic result for OSCAR Pet Foods is set to improve customer care and future-proof the experienced franchise operator’s performance and success for 2022 and beyond.

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