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GreenPROTechT Franchise

GreenPROTechT is a supplier of screen protection products and repair services. Opportunities for a standalone business OR adding screen protection services to an existing business.

Paul Tough GreenPROTechT

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At a Glance

Established: 2021

UK Presence: Est. in Milton Keynes, now looking to expand across the UK.

Average start up cost: £50,000

Min personal contribution: £15,000

Development type: Owner Operator or Area (Multi Site) Developer

Franchise Info

greenprotecht kiosk franchise

GreenPROTechT is a supplier of screen protection products and repair services for phones, ipads, laptops and iwatches.

After several years of offering a wide array of screen protection products and repair services at our kiosk in the Milton Keynes Shopping Centre, we have now turned our focus to growing our network through franchising both nationally and internationally.

We have opportunities for those looking to set up a standalone business OR those wishing to add screen protection services to an existing business.

If you are already in the mobile phone space, our products and services offer a major opportunity to maximise your retail space with our range of high value products and services.

The Market

The market for screen protectors and mobile cases/skins has quadrupled in the last four years according to research firm GfK. Research also found that sales grew to eight million units in the UK last year, with scope for continued growth as the number of smartphones sold increases in the coming years.

The total mobile accessories market has grown consistently in both volume and value across the last four years. This growth comes as consumers are tied into longer contracts on high end devices and so more investment is being made in accessories to both protect and enhance their existing device.

As touchscreen handset sales continue to grow in share within the smartphones market, it signals that there is still further potential for the case and screen protector segment of the accessories market to further increase sales.

Our Franchise Model

Our model is flexible and we offer the following opportunities-

  • Owner Operator
  • Area (Multi Site) Developer
  • Existing Mobile Phone Sales and Repair outlets who may be looking to give their business a sales and profit boost 

Our franchisees will be awarded a territory that is exclusive to you and gives an excellent opportunity to build a highly profitable and successful business!


Our franchise model is based on a number of key fees-

  • Franchise Fee £9,995 (exc. VAT)
  • A fixed low monthly Management Services Fee
  • A fixed low monthly Marketing Levy

No two sites are ever the same in terms of build and refurbishment costs but in general the total investment will be between £30,000 and £60,000 including fees and all property and equipment. Our Kiosk sites will vary in cost depending on location and size, and retail space will also dictate costs of refurbishment.

In terms of your own personal investment we would expect you to have a minimum of 50% of the total investment cost in liquid assets. We also have relationships with a number of major funding institutions who can provide further support.

Naturally if you are adding our range of products and services to your existing mobile phone repair and retail space then the entry costs are much lower.

How we support you

Supporting you to find the right locations and sites is vital so we will share with you our knowledge of suitable shopping malls or retail spaces.

Franchisees will be fully trained in every aspect of the business-technical through to marketing training.

We will work with you during the launch of your business with a dedicated marketing launch package.

Once you have launched we will implement a full programme of on-going support-operations, product and service development and marketing.

Ideal Partner

No specific experience required.  All we ask is that you show a real passion for our brand, products and a determination to smash your customers’ expectations.

greenprotecht kiosk franchise

Paul Tough GreenPROTechT

Interested in GreenPROTechT ?

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To answer any questions on GreenPROTechT

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