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A love of football led Joanne to Little Kickers

of Little Kickers

Following her redundancy as a National Sales Team Manager for a car hire company, Joanne started looking into the idea of franchising. Joanne has been with Little Kickers for 10 years this year. She has grown into four separate geographical areas, has over 1,000 children enrolled, operates in schools, nurseries and employs 25 coaches.


Trulawn artificial grass franchisee turns a bad situation into an opportunity

Franchisee Steven Taylor of Trulawn

Steven Taylor, franchisee for Trulawn Aberdeen, had quite an obstacle to overcome when launching in June 2020. Once he learned how to stay safe and keep their customers safe – the business saw a surge in demand for artificial grass which has had them fully booked up ever since.   Steven talks to whichfranchise about his journey with Trulawn so far.


Cafe2U franchisee's working day

Franchisee Iain Ballantyne of Cafe2U

Iain and wife Jenny started their Café2U franchise in Chelmsford in 2013.  “I had come across the notion of franchising about 15 years ago during a discussion with friends and understood that many large chains like McDonald’s were actually franchises. I liked the idea of the central support that being part of a franchise offered, and so when the time came for me to start my own busine,ss I knew that buying a franchise would be my best option.


A day in the life of Kent franchisee Paul Newman

Franchisee Paul Newman of Cafe2U

Paul Newman joined Cafe2U in November 2011 after spending 30 years working for McDonald's, 7 years of which involved being a Business Manager and running his own branch. After all that time, Paul decided he was ready for a change and following a chance finding on the internet, Paul discovered Cafe2U and the franchises they offered.


Cafe2U the obvious choice for a hospitality manager

Franchisee Alan Fulton of Cafe2U

With financial support from family, Alan Fulton was able to get back in control of his work life and set up his Cafe2U franchise in Aberdeen South in August 2014. When he decided to start looking for a business Alan was no stranger to franchising as his father had bought a Chips Away franchise previously. However, he was looking for a beverage based franchise so he could utilise his previous experience but without the unsociable hours, therefore, Cafe2U seemed the perfect option for him.


Interview with Naser Alfyaheen, Master franchisee, Saudi Arabia

Franchisee Naser Alfyaheen of Gravity Active Entertainment

Naser Alfyaheen began a multi-territory agreement with Gravity in the Middle East in 2019. In this article, Naser explains why they decided to partner with Gravity and how the support they received has helped the business to thrive.


Voluntary redundancy called for a change

of The Alternative Board

Paul Winterbottom has been a franchise owner with The Alternative Board (TAB) since April 2014. When offered voluntary redundancy, Paul left his position at NatWest which he had held for more than 30 years in order to pursue a new career and his dream of being a business owner.


A passion for helping businesses achieve their goals lead Graham Garman to Chrysalis Partners

of Chrysalis Partners

After being made redundant in 2019 after a successful career in a corporate postion, Graham Garman decided it was time to give something back and help business owners transform their own business. Chrysalis Partners franchise ticked all the boxes for Graham, allowing him to use his 25 years experience in business growth and sales to help share his knowledge with other businesses. Learn how Graham's passion for helping businesses achieve their goals lead him to Chrysalis Partners...


Female franchisee succeeding in automotive repair industry

Franchisee Caroline and Jim Clennell of ChipsAway

Caroline Clennell is one half of the husband and wife duo who run ChipsAway Shroud and Cirencester. Caroline and Jim Clennell joined the ChipsAway network in 2016 after both deciding they were ready to start working for themselves. Jim previously worked as a Translator, whilst Caroline worked as a Studio Painter. Creatives at heart, and with a keen interest in cars, the franchise was a natural fit for the ambitious couple. Caroline is particularly keen to bring more women into the industry.  Read their story...


My EnviroVent franchise is my retirement investment!

of EnviroVent

Dad of two, Charlie Bisby, has accomplished so much since launching his franchise in August 2011.  He’s consistently grown the business, year on year, and has established a sound investment for the future of his family. On a personal level, operating a franchise has given him the freedom to run his business on his own watch, providing a flexibility he could have only dreamt of in his previous career. Hear more from Charlie on his journey into franchising with EnviroVent here...


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