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My TAB Franchise Story: Mark Kane

of The Alternative Board

Mark Kane had always wanted to work for himself and the idea of being in control of his own destiny and schedule was a big draw. It was also important for him to find a role that suited the lifestyle he wanted i.e. less commuting, less office based and more suited to his family and he saw that a TAB franchise could deliver that.


Opening a franchise during a pandemic and finding success

Franchisee Lorena Gimenez and Mario Minuesa of TRIB3

Lorena Gimenez and Mario Minuesa both come a background in the fitness industry and so wanted to open a business within this sector. Wanting something different, special and unique, they were immediately drawn to TRIB3.  And after experiencing a workout as clients at one of the existing locations, they knew it was the franchise for them. Opening in August 2020, Lorena and Mario have showed massive determination and agility, against the backdrop of COVID-19. 


Why experienced Franchise Partners decide to stay with Platinum

Franchisee Nick and Gré Duthie of Platinum Property Partners

More than six years ago, Nick and Gré joined Platinum to securely replace their income from a successful career in banking. Selling some assets to raise the capital needed to get started, they quickly built a portfolio of four Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) across Cambridge within three years, achieving an average of 15% return on investment.


Not UK-based? No problem. Build a profitable property portfolio from overseas

Franchisee Simon Clarke of Platinum Property Partners

It was almost a decade ago that Simon Clarke first heard of Platinum Property Partners but being based between Sydney and Kuala Lumpur meant it wasn’t possible to join the franchise at the time. He was disappointed and desperately wanted to escape the corporate life of banking, so turned to investing in fitness clubs, which he still owns in Australia and Malaysia. However, the pull of Platinum remained.


From knowing nothing about property before joining Platinum to closing her fifth HMO

Franchisee Faith Staniforth of Platinum Property Partners

Faith Staniforth manages her portfolio in Greater Manchester. For Faith, it was an extremely difficult period in her life that led her to seek positive change through property investment.  Despite knowing nothing about property before joining Platinum, Faith is now closing in on her fifth HMO (Houses in Multiple Occupation). 


Interview with Kiefer Driscoll, Football Fun Factory franchisee for West Cambridgeshire

Franchisee Kiefer Driscoll of Football Fun Factory

Since joining the Football Fun Factory as a franchisee I have enjoyed the opportunity to work close to home, set my own schedule and spend time with my girlfriend, family and friends. The Football Fun Factory 'gave me my life back’ having previously been exhausted by an unsustainable schedule in previous employment. Being a franchisee at the Football Fun Factory allows me to bring truly unique and incredible experiences to children in my community and create memories that last a lifetime. As a passionate and enthusiastic football coaching I find this incredibly rewarding.


The collaborative nature of the Business Doctors' network really appealed to me.

of Business Doctors

Emily Coy launched her Business Doctors franchise in August 2019, 6 months before Covid hit. Emily also  found herself a candidate in the General Election, having only become a councillor in Chesterfield in the May. Business Doctor gave her the flexibility to have many strings to her bow. Learn how buying a franchise has allowed Emily to develop all parts of her life...


A day in the life of a Footlights franchisee

Franchisee Anna Morgan of Footlights

Anna Morgan, Director of Footlights Sale, gives an insight into her Saturday morning routine. My Saturday mornings usually begin around 8.45am; I arrive 45 minutes before the start of our first class to set up and make sure all rooms are ready for the students. It is important to me that our reception area looks welcoming and professional, to make that good first impression to free trials and existing students. 


Multi-unit franchisee is celebrating 10 years with First Class Learning

Franchisee Emma Orton of First Class Learning

Emma Orton joined First Class Learning in 2011 as franchisee for Darlington.  Her career has spanned almost 20 years in education including completing her teacher training and Masters in Education.  However, when expecting her first child, Emma decided that whilst she didn’t want to give up teaching, she needed a career that would work around her family life. After much research, Emma decided upon First Class Learning as it would allow her to continue working in the education sector, whilst working from home and setting her own hours. In March 2013, Emma had taken over developing centres in Sunderland and South Shields and in September 2017, she opened her fourth centre in Redcar.


Taking control over your future with Metro Plumb

Franchisee Gary Swan of Metro Plumb

Gary Swan is a plumber by trade but wanting to become more than a jobbing plumber where he relied on being sub-contracted to others for work, he began to research opportunities that gave him more structure, stability, long-term planning and control over his work. This led him to franchising and after researching the opportunities available, he was keen to find out more about Metro Plumb.  His decision to join Metro Plumb has paid off in the past year.  Whilst many self-employed plumbers have become victims to the Covid pandemic, Metro Plumb Kent has seen an increase in business due to the robust franchise model and key accounts the company has. Gary is looking forward to his future with Metro Plumb.


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