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How to turn missed calls into sales leads

Answering the phone every time it rings can be difficult. Whether you’re already tied up on the line, out of the office or simply doing another task - it’s nearly impossible to get to the phone every single time it rings.  However, ensuring each call is answered is vital. Did you know that 60% of customers will hang up if their call isn’t answered in 1 minute? There’s no guarantee that they’ll ring back again. Leaving customers with an impersonal voicemail or on hold for long periods of time can lead to bad customer service and a negative reputation of your company. Missed calls result in missed opportunities which will impact sales. A business needs to be everywhere at once, and with a little outsourced help, they can be.


Easy ways to use video for franchise recruitment

Article by Sarah Carlile Coconut Creatives

More and more advertisers are turning to online marketing to recruit franchisees with video content playing a vital part in this.With the average internet user spending 88% more time on a website with video than without, is it maybe time you started producing videos and including them in your annual marketing budget? Coconut Creatives explain more on the benefits of video content.


What to look for in your franchise territory

Article by Stuart Lee Atlas Mapping

Atlas Mapping’s duty within the franchise market is to help franchisors create territories that are fair for both franchisees and the franchisor. The advice in this article will help you to make sure you are asking the right questions about the territory on offer but to also set realistic expectations.


Keeping your health on track when running a home-based franchise business

Article by Mike Davis AXA PPP healthcare

When running a franchise business, working from home may be a financial necessity for some. Whilst for others, the idea of working from home sounds ideal; there is no need to endure the morning commute and you can work in the comfort of your own home office. No matter what the reasons are, if you are considering a home-based franchise, it is important to understand what you are getting yourself into.


What makes a good accountant and how do you find one? By Chris Roberts, Franchise Finance

Article by Chris Roberts Chantry Group

Every franchisee needs a good one but not every franchisee has a good one. Do they understand you? Do they understand your business model? If not take the time to explain what you and your business model is all about. Explain your life and your business objectives so that you are all 'singing off the same hymn sheet'. For example, do you want to show low profits because you want to minimise tax or do you want to show high profits because you want to impress your bank manager so you can borrow more money? If your accountant doesn't show an interest and 'buy in' to your business goals and strategy then it's time to find a new one!


Why do I have to register for VAT? By Andrew Fraser, Harper MacLeod

Article by Andrew Fraser Albany Fraser Solicitors

Franchise Agreements often contain an obligation on a Franchisee to register their business for VAT and remain registered throughout the duration of the Franchise Agreement. Some Agreements go as far as making any failure to comply with this clause an event which allows the Franchisor to terminate the Franchise Agreement. But why is this clause present? And why do Franchisors force franchisees (whose turnover is beneath the registration threshold) to register their business for VAT?


Dos and don’ts of advertising and social media

Article by Martin O'Neill WJM

At its best, advertising can introduce a product or service to the world and create a lasting brand-image. This can be via print, TV, radio, product packaging or, ever increasingly, social media. But done badly, advertising can lead to sanctions and potentially irreversible damage to reputation. Read Martin O'Neill, from WJM, “dos and don’ts” to follow when creating, or signing-off, advertising.