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Danny Webster's Journey from Employee to Business Owner


In the world of business, opportunities often come knocking when you least expect them. For Danny Webster, a seasoned Operations Manager with a background in drainage, the chance to take control of his destiny and fulfil a long-held dream of owning his own business arrived in the form of a Metro Plumb franchise.

Seizing the Opportunity

The decision to relocate from Gosport to Warrington was not made lightly. It was driven by Danny’s unwavering determination to own and operate his own business within the Metro Plumb network. What made this decision even more feasible was the support from a fellow Metro Rod franchisee who recognised Danny’s potential and believed in his ability to succeed. Danny articulated his excitement, stating, “I feel this would be an amazing opportunity. I’ve always wanted to run my own business, and with the help of Metro Plumb, I believe I will make this venture very successful, drawing from my experience and knowledge of how Metro Rod as an organisation works.”

Metro Plumb franchisees benefit from a large support system that get to work at the very beginning with supplementary training and health and safety. Danny’s journey was no different and he was trained to the highest standards before starting. During induction, website, social media and marketing materials were prepared, System training was providing and every part of the new business was considered so Danny was confident and ready to go on launch day. Throughout the process, Danny was also supported by our Operations team who are on hand every step of the way to answer any questions.

The Journey Towards Success

With access to the existing commercial customers, Metro Plumb offered Danny a fast-tracked start, removing the uncertainty of when work will come through which is often the case for plumbers setting out on their own. Metro Plumb also seamlessly handle the invoice and billing process taking a huge weight off and reducing the fear of non-payment.

Whilst building his business, Danny chose to invest in a range of plumbing, pump and gas training courses. This proactive approach allowed him to diversify his skill set, enabling him to offer a broader range of services to his customers. One of the key factors contributing to Danny’s success was his commitment to leveraging the training courses and support provided by Metro Plumb as a franchisor. Metro Plumb recognise that these resources are essential for advancing plumbers and ensuring they are the best-trained service providers in the industry. Often offering free or subsidised courses to upskill the owner and their members of staff.

Metro Plumb even have an in-house recruiter that can support franchisees when it’s time to expand by advertising, reviewing CV’s and interviewing. The HR team are on hand to offer support when it comes to employing staff, contracts, advice and much more. This partnership of dedication to excellence and continuous improvement propelled Danny to the forefront of plumbing in the local area of Warrington, recognised as a true professional with the highest standards of quality plumbing.


Danny Webster’s relocation from Gosport to Warrington to pursue a Metro Plumb franchise opportunity stands as a testament to his ambition, dedication, and belief in the power of entrepreneurship. With a strong background in drainage, coupled with a thirst for knowledge and an engineer’s mindset, Danny has not only achieved success but has also become a role model for others within the Metro Plumb network. His journey illustrates how seizing opportunities and actively pursuing personal and professional growth can lead to achieving long-cherished dreams. Danny’s story reflects the support and resources that Metro Plumb provides to franchisees, enabling them to excel and make a meaningful impact in the plumbing industry. Danny’s future is undoubtedly filled with promise, and his success continues to inspire those around him.

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