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Meet Refresh Renovations Franchisee for Berkshire & Basingstoke


Ray Allison and his team form Refresh Renovations® Berkshire and Basingstoke – providing the highest quality and most creative extensions, additions and renovations to properties throughout the area. With a 23-year career in corporate real estate management and operations handling, Ray’s interest in and role within environmental and sustainability grew – and Ray now offers the Refresh Renovations® approach to homeowners in Berkshire and Basingstoke.

Ray’s professional history in property began with an honours degree in estate land management before he moved on to more corporate endeavours. Amongst his roles, he negotiated and implemented real estate service agreements across global property portfolios, managed a 1-million square foot property portfolio across multiple sites including critical business data centres. What’s more, he is responsible for creating of the UK’s most ambitious and comprehensive carbon neutrality programmes for a household name brand.

Passion for Property Renovations

Having worked for so long in the real estate field, it’s no surprise that Ray was drawn to the Refresh Renovations® principles. Embarking on some personal passion projects, he oversaw the conversion of two flats into one family home and built a side extension onto a property – quickly understanding the benefits of thorough and expert project management of renovations works.

Ray’s successful personal projects along with his vast professional experience made him the perfect candidate to begin his Refresh Journey; with Berkshire and Basingstoke the perfect base, as he lives in the region with his wife and three children. Empathetic and resilient, he invests himself wholly in his customer’s property renovations.

His secret? Planning – which as we know is already a hugely formative part of the Refresh end-to-end management method. However, having completed such renovations personally and on his own home, he understands that things don’t always go as expected. “People don’t expect everything to be perfect all of the time”, he says, “but they do expect you to act quickly and resolve problems when they do happen; something my team are experts in doing. We know how so many variables can affect renovations that we’re well versed in getting things back to plan as soon as possible… often going over and above to exceed expectations along the way!”.

Outside of work, Ray is a keen walker and fair weather golfer but admits that his love of property means he’s often eyeing up architecture along the way. Working with his team of specialist contractors and tradespeople, Refresh Berkshire and Basingstoke have taken on a huge variety of renovations spanning properties of all types, shapes and sizes. What’s more, the great relationship they hold with the LPA (Local Planning Authority) has seen some ambitious projects completed along the way – so there’s no job too big, too small or too unusual for them to come and take a look at.

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