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My Springer Spaniel determined my future!


“I can’t believe that I let Heno, my Springer Spaniel, plan my future but as my parents have been OSCAR customers for many years and all our dogs are excellent examples of a quality product, it was enough for me to be tempted when a local OSCAR franchise business became available in my area. Heno was in the background reminding me that I should take a look, and like a good pet owner I did!

“My husband, Andy, and I have spoiled Heno, to the point of him ruling our lives and, being animal lovers we do try to take him with us whenever possible. This had a huge impact on my emotions and my working career, enough for me to take my OSCAR temptation on to the next step.

“Knowing and trusting OSCAR helped me to progress and I found the team to be totally helpful and supportive throughout every stage of the purchasing process. My background in project management, finance, budgets and route planning has given me the added confidence to manage my own business – but to know that I can rely on support in areas outside of my experience means that OSCAR fulfils everything I could want from self-employment.

“Andy and I are very keen on outdoor activities and look to combine our personal interests with work; but the ambition to grow my business, with help from my husband, to establish a better work and home balance will be well rewarded as I can take on the role of also spoiling all the others pets in my area.”

An OSCAR franchise provides the security of a strong brand and protected image that gives you the benefit of running your own business to suit your time and circumstances. Within your own exclusive territory you can provide a convenient and free direct-to-the door delivery service with a comprehensive range of quality pet foods that is supported by an honest label policy – follow the OSCAR system and you will find success.

The opportunity to offer a personal complete pet care service with ongoing expert advice to pet owners, health care products and accessories is unique to OSCAR, bringing many rewards, including repeat business, and the greatest opportunity to meet pet owners in the local area – who just love their animals.

OSCAR has, over the years, gained the experience and confidence to recognise the importance of making career-changing decisions. So, if you want the freedom and security of running your own business there is no question that your change for the better should be with OSCAR.

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