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"I can't recommend the team here at UK Auto Pro enough, they are all so friendly and I feel like I'm being taken care of every day of the week. 

From my bookings handled, to the support I receive in case anything goes wrong, I feel at home here and don't regret becoming a franchisee one bit whatsoever! Thanks guys."

- Rebecca, UK Auto Pro franchisee for 4 years

This is Rebecca's story of a typical day as a UK Auto Pro franchisee.

My typical day…

9:15am - Mansfield
Starting the day with a trip to Mansfield, an early morning 5 door hatchback tint installation, done and dusted!
Amount Made: £100.

11:30am - Nottingham
Back home to Nottingham now for my 11:30 am appointment. SUV tint installation, can take a little bit longer but that just means more money coming back my way! Finished the job with an installation of additional front window tints.
Amount Made: £125. (Plus £70 additional front tint).

2pm - Nottingham
Staying in Nottingham now for a early end to my day, adding a window tint to this SUV. Another day dusted and another set of happy customers. Bring on tomorrow!
Amount Made: £125.

Amount earnt today: £420.

“Window tinting has always been a passion of mine, and being able to turn it into a money earning opportunity has been life changing.  It’s great to work in an industry I love every day!”

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