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Wingers Hednesford Franchisees Set for Further Expansion


Tajinder Choongh or TJ to his friends, is the franchisee for Wingers in Hednesford, Staffordshire.  As an experienced fast food franchisee who’s been in the catering industry since 2016, running Subway, Tahi Express and Project D Doughnuts outlets, TJ knew a great franchise opportunity when he saw one!   TJ’s dad and uncle also ran 25 franchised Subway stores as business partners for some years, so when they discovered Wingers, they collaborated their partnership with TJ and his business partner Rav, to make a four-way investment in a franchised restaurant.

TJ explains: “We arranged a meeting with Amran, Dylan and Bill Sunner the founders of Wingers.  It turned out they lived very close to us, and we all got on really well.  Amran and Dylan are very down-to-earth, really caring about the brand and this shows in everything they do.  My dad and Bill have a mutual respect for each other, and we all liked the fact we would be working directly with the people who created this exciting, fresh concept.  A lot of food franchises are massive corporates and there is no room to input ideas.  With Wingers, we are all working together, all invested in the growth and success of the brand.  It’s like one big family! 

“With only BBQ and Spicy sauces on the menu, early on, we recognised the need to include a white sauce to accompany our succulent, fresh fried buttermilk fried chicken too.  We helped with testing and Amran came up with garlic and parmesan – which now literally flies out of the door!   It’s great to be able to use our experience to help drive the overall success of the Wingers brand, not just our own restaurant.”

TJ’s Hednesford restaurant opened two weeks before Christmas in December 2022.  He says: “From the moment we opened, it was manic!  We have a great location in a parade of shops shared with an Indian takeaway and pizza outlet.  A new Coop is being built and a new housing estate is to be constructed nearby, so it’s only set to become busier!  For the local primary school, we offer a deal on milkshakes for the kids too so whole families can now enjoy Wingers.

“To develop the store fit-out we looked at using different builders but eventually chose one who was recommended by Bill and who is a customer!  His work has proven to be of excellent quality and he’s very reliable.  He’s now built the Worcester and Aldridge stores and will complete the build at our new site at Birmingham International Train Station too.

“Training was provided by Amran and Dylan in Lichfield.  This is flexible depending on the experience of the franchisee.  Rav and I found it was very easy to pick up the menu, which has been created cleverly so it can easily be taught.  We sent our manager for training too and then we trained our own staff.

“The Wingers’ team’s passion and commitment to growing the brand is impressive.  Even our cousin has now invested in the Worcester franchise, and we look forward to opening in Birmingham International Train Station for our second site soon too. 

“We are excited about the opportunity that Wingers offers moving forwards and to be involved so early in the brand’s development.  We are currently looking for the next great location and, all being well, we will aim to open between five and ten Wingers in the future.”

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