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Wingers Wows in Worcester


During Lockdown, Raj Sandhar would enjoy a Wingers chicken delivery ordered through Uber Eats.  Raj explains: “The 20 wing sharer boxes are still our favourite!  Wow!  They are great to share with friends and family and go well with a beer or two.  The kids love them too!

“As a food franchisee with Subway for seven years, I instantly recognised the appeal of great fast food done really well and enquired through the website about a Wingers franchise.  Myself and my cousin Major, arranged a meeting with Bill Sunner, one of the founders of Wingers.  Within about ten weeks of that first conversation we’d opened our Wingers franchised restaurant in Warndon, Worcester.

“One of the most challenging aspects of any fast food franchise is getting the location right.  Bill had found the site and knew it was fairly close to my franchised Subway store so thought it would work well for us.  It’s situated in a parade of food shops and near a Tesco Express so was guaranteed to gain a high footfall. We checked out the location and looked at the rent and rates to calculate anticipated profit and the numbers added up.

“We used trusted builders who Wingers had used before to fit out the store.  Our training took place over four days in the Lichfield restaurant.  All the processes are easy to learn and Major and myself had mastered them in no-time.

“Once the build was completed we then spent a few days training our own staff before opening in March 2023.  The chicken we cooked up while training the team was given to passers by and this certainly went down well!  

“Once officially open, our succulent, fresh fried buttermilk fried chicken literally flew off the shelves!   We also sell sides of fries and milkshakes which is great to attract customers too.  In our first month we exceeded all expectations!

“Major who is only 21 now manages the Worcester store on a day-to-day basis with the help of our team of eight.  I’m there two-three days per week so I still have plenty of time to manage my other franchise too. 

“Customers love our chicken because the flavour and quality are top-notch.  Business is busy and customers can order a takeaway or delivery.  It’s also surprising how many eat in.  We get lots of repeat customers and feedback is really good.  It’s safe to say, our Wingers franchise has really taken off!”

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