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Bek’s reaching new heights as there first ever franchised store achieves record breaking sales


We recently caught up with Dean Haynes, the first ever franchisee of Bek’s and how his store in Aldridge is performing after an outstanding first few weeks within the business, here’s what Dean had to say…

How have sales been and is trade currently like?

Sales have been phenomenal for the first few weeks, obviously we have had a few bank holidays which have helped but the weekends (especially Fridays) have been in another league producing company record sales. For me it’s about growing now and maintaining our customer base and acquiring new customers through great service and longer opening hours, as well as ease of ordering. We have managed this through technology and amazing processes to take the business to the next level, I am just the same as any franchisee who is sceptical and apprehensive when making an investment but I couldn’t be more thankful. We are hitting great sales, with good margins and smart operating costs.

How easy has it been to adapt and how has your experience gained within McDonalds served you with an early-stage franchise?

It’s been a great experience but the biggest learning has been that I have been able to transfer processes into the business that I have picked up within McDonalds where I worked for the company for almost 23 years. I am trying to make Bek’s more process driven and less reliant on skill, it’s a constant work in progress but there is an element of skill involved and these are the areas that ive had to adapt and get in the technical experience with the ongoing support of the franchisors who have been a safety blanket. That being said we are so further advanced than so many other businesses and it’s a real slick operation. The rest of the skills and processes that ive picked up are pretty transferable especially where it comes to health and safety, HR, food safety etc.

How has the support been from the Franchisors?

Phenomenal. I am extremely grateful for the support, Asiye (the company chef and head of supply chain) has been an encyclopaedia of knowledge and her experience along with technical levels have drove me to achieve the same standard. The franchisors have also been very receptive to change and adopting strategies that I have suggested for example adding doughnuts to the menu as an upsell which is a great win for many reasons and we are making a fantastic team with respect for each other. Ive also held supplier meetings within the franchisors remit and it’s just been one joint effort with sole focus to make Bek’s a great franchise. It’s been an open and honest relationship.

Why do you think your first franchised site within Bek’s has been so successful?

The first site has been a great success, we have done a lot of work on site analysis, we’ve got some strong competition locally but I truly do feel we are a cut above the competition and we offer an experience unrivalled, were not a fish and chip shop, we are a chippy that is modernised and is way further advanced than the rest of the competition. Its not a new to market concept and the audience we are trying to target have a clear understanding of our menu and what we are, its just about getting the customer experience right and we do that and then some.  

What’s been your biggest challenge?

Definitely staff! Recruitment has been a big headache; we have had team members who just were not at the level. Within other businesses I could pretty much bring anybody in and it wouldn’t have that big of an impact on the business, with Bek’s the skill levels and the concentration required is at a totally different level, it’s been one of my biggest learnings that we are more of a quick service restaurant than just a fast-food premises. That being said its been very enjoyable but I am pretty sure this is the case for most franchisees that operate within this sector.

What does Bek’s mean to you?

It’s a great brand with a long-standing history and strong reputation, its evident through the sales and the strong link with the community. For me the franchise is a lot stronger than franchises that have 30-40 stores that turnover smaller amounts, whereas Bek’s is a well-oiled machine that is geared up for serious volume. I am so happy sales are great, it’s very profitable and I have made a smart investment. I think there is almost a greater standard required to be a Bek’s franchise or a team member, were not accepting just ‘good’ we want to be exceptional and that’s what makes Bek’s such a great franchise, we all share that same passion and we work very hard for our sales and we are dedicated to constantly improving that customer journey!

Lastly what’s your future strategy and what direction do you see the company going?

I would love to open a second location, it’s a real big goal of mine and its not going to be easy. There has to be real attention to detail and I want to spend a good bit of time developing my own skillset as that was my commitment to the business. I want to really get underneath the business and understand it, develop, and make it easier for our future franchisees. It’s a profitable, simple model but I feel we can all take it to another level, its very exciting times.

I think the company has universal appeal and will only get stronger with quality franchisees, I think the model works in so many different environments but its all centred around the battered chip, it’s a great product with a streamlined menu and very easy to understand.

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