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The franchise that got me the house of my dreams


"In five years of being a franchisee, I’ve been able to put my son through university and, as a family, move into a beautiful property on an acre of land – none of this would’ve been possible without EweMove."

From being an account executive at major multi-national companies to working part time as a teaching assistant, a series of important experiences led Rachel Childs to being in the right place at the right time when she found EweMove.

An opportunity that has allowed Rachel to take control of her life while giving her the financial freedom she knew her family deserved, and having recently renewed her franchise five years after launching, Rachel has found a role she can finally call “home”.

Rachel, franchisee of EweMove Sleaford and Grantham South, has always been driven to achieve the successes she knows she is capable of. Throughout her five years as a EweMove franchisee, Rachel has been able to stay close to her family while having the immense sense of satisfaction of running a successful business. Rachel has even tasted the EweMove experience for herself, with her success in the property market putting her into a position to move her own family into the house of their dreams.

“Put simply, I didn’t want to be an employee anymore – I wanted to have complete control of my own business,” explained Rachel. “Having enjoyed a diverse career in very people-orientated roles, I knew finding a vocation that would enable me to nurture relationships and give people an honest, personable experience would bring me the most satisfaction. That’s when I found EweMove. I was so impressed by the business model that I sold an investment property and reinvested the money in opening my own franchise. I knew it would be a good investment and I’m so proud to say, five years later, that I was right.

“What works perfectly as a EweMove franchisee is that I work for myself, but I’m not by myself. From the word “go”, The Sheep Pen has been brilliant at sharing so much valuable information, and they always have the answers to any question I have. I might be five years into the process, but my own training and development has been continual - there’s always new scenarios that emerge, and the Sheep Pen has always been there to help when I’ve needed them.

“But it’s not just The Sheep Pen. The franchise network – or ‘the flock’ - is incredibly supportive and collaborative.

There’s real reciprocal respect around the flock. You can tell just by the way we communicate and how readily we respond with advice or support."

As Rachel looks to the future, she continues to put her belief in a franchisor that gives driven, passionate people a real chance at forging a better future for themselves and their families. Through following the tried-and-tested business plan, Rachel reached breakeven just eight months after launching her franchise and has since reaped the financial benefits of being part of the EweMove flock.

“We have a very healthy turnover, which has enabled a significant amount to be put into business development as well as salaries. As a team, we list about 10 properties every month, and year on year we’ve seen proportional growth.

But the real satisfaction I’ve experienced as a franchisee has been the opportunity to be instrumental in people's life changing experiences of moving home and being there every step of the way as I’ve got so many to where they need to be.

“Having embraced being a franchisee and by maintaining constant personal development throughout my time at EweMove, the next five years are primed to be even more successful than the last. EweMove has become a part of my community and I’m incredibly proud to reflect on what I’ve already achieved. Here’s to the next five years!”

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