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Sean Fairbridge never could have anticipated how quickly his EweMove franchise would take off, but after launching in June, he is already reaping the wealth of benefits being a part of the flock offers. Franchisee of EweMove Redcar and Guisborough, Sean has hit the ground running and, having already won Franchise of the Month, he has become a ringing endorsement for the success that can so easily be achieved with EweMove.

Motivated by providing second-to-none customer service, Sean’s creative and personable attitude has given him the platform to build an asset to support his family and the success he craves. With three and a half years’ experience in the franchise industry, also being a franchisee with telecoms franchise, Vodafone, Sean quickly identified the opportunity with EweMove as one that he could not miss out on.

"In an industry that’s often criticised for its clinical and formal approach, it’s been amazing to have joined such a forward-thinking property brand and to have applied my existing skills in a new role,” explained Sean.

Despite only being three months into my journey with EweMove, I know I’ve found the perfect match and can already tell that, culturally, it’s a great fit for my own goals and ambitions.

“I’m focusing on rentals at the moment, which isn’t very common for new franchisees with it being a slightly more complex process than sales. But it’s all about asset building for me and using the Sheep Pen’s in-house support and bespoke property management technology has made life easier as I establish my franchise. Thanks to this approach, I’m already in a position to hire someone to focus on other areas of the business, continuing this upward trajectory I’ve very much set myself on.”

"The relationship I have with the Sheep Pen is very much a partnership and from the word “go” I’ve had the full backing to go in a direction that works for me."

Along with Sean, there is a growing community of EweMove franchisees who continue to run successful Vodafone franchises at the same time. With more and more seasoned veterans in the franchise industry actively looking for new challenges, the exciting and progressive approach EweMove takes has made it the go-to brand for passionate entrepreneurs. Able to transfer and nurture their existing customer service and business management skills, the opportunity to join UK’s leading hybrid estate agency franchise is what many Vodafone franchisees are dialling in on today.

“No day is the same with EweMove. I’ve been given the platform to use my wealth of creative skillsets to the fullest, from what I studied at university – photography – all the way to my business and operations management experience I’ve developed in my time as a franchise owner with Vodafone.”

Having run a successful franchise for a few years now, I knew what to look for when I was considering expanding my portfolio. My experience has already helped me develop so many transferrable skills that are perfectly placed in EweMove with it being such a relationship-driven business. This venture has been so beneficial to my approach to running multiple businesses, and I’ve really noticed how positive it’s been for my own personal development.

"My mantra is to be brave, as I know being a part of a franchise like this will give me every opportunity to achieve significant success. I’m only 33 years old, yet I’m so driven by the prospect of securing my family’s future as early as possible."

“EweMove is a fantastic brand and a ringing endorsement of what an exceptional franchise looks like. I’ve been incredibly impressed by how easy it’s been to apply my existing knowledge of franchise ownership to a completely new industry. If you want freedom, to be financially successful and to look after the people you love, just take the step! And as you weigh up ‘risk vs. reward’, ask yourself, can you afford not to do it?”

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