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From employee to franchisee


Based in Cornwall, Simon White & Co, covers both Cornwall and Plymouth.

Simon was an employee of Autoglym until 1988 when he made the leap to Sales Specialist and decided to take on his own franchise. He has one mobile showroom, two people in the business and works alongside his wife.

With many decades of experience, Simon is in a good position to say how he feels about Autoglym. “It is the top product on the market. As well as being cost effective, there is a consistent quality and performance throughout the range. I’m confident in the performance and quality of the products.”

Quick Fire Questions

What is your favourite Autoglym product and why?
UHD Wax and Rapid Ceramic Spray. Both products are easy to use and results are outstanding!

What is your favourite car?
So my dream car was the Jensen Interceptor after watching the TV series the Saint as a youngster, but these days I like the new BMW Z4.

What are your hobbies or interests?
Rugby and motorsport.

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