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"The guidance and help through the pandemic has been priceless."


"The guidance and help through the pandemic has been priceless and the support team have been with us every step of the way. You really do get what you pay for when you join the TaxAssist Accountants family."

For Kully Sahota, working for himself had always been his dream, and franchising offered the safety net he was looking for to reduce the risk of business failure.

“I chose TaxAssist Accountants because it had a proven model and had been established for many years. There were successful franchisees across the UK which proved the model worked,” explained Kully. “Although I had an accounting qualification I had never worked in practice before and the majority of my work experience before joining TaxAssist Accountants had been in banking in Treasury.”

Kully launched his practice in November 2015 and now operates from a shop in Quinton in South-West Birmingham and offices in Edgbaston, Birmingham New Street and St Pauls Square.

When asked what his typical day might be, Kully replied: “It’s a cliché but there really isn’t a typical day which is one of the main reasons I enjoy being a franchisee.

“Generally, it would be logging in and checking any urgent emails and allocating work for staff. I tend to clear my emails from the day before in the morning and hold client meetings in the afternoon, which I think works very well.

“Obviously, things have been very different over the last year – working from home, managing staff and looking after my children, as well as helping clients to survive and guiding them through the many Government schemes. However, with the support of TaxAssist Accountants we are coming out the other side and are still signing up new clients at a good rate and I’m proud of the role the business had played in supporting the local community.

“I’d say for me, that’s one of the main highlights of being a franchisee, helping the small businesses in my local area, while growing the business into the established presence it holds today. A personal highlight for me has also been finding great staff and building a team who I enjoy working with and seeing them grow.”

TaxAssist Accountants prides itself on the comprehensive training and support it provides its franchisees, which Kully is keen to praise: “Training from the Support Centre has been great, with courses always available and they are the first to react to changes and keep us up to date. The guidance and help through the pandemic has been priceless and the support team have been with us every step of the way. You really do get what you pay for when you join the TaxAssist Accountants family.”

Now six years into the franchise, Kully has built his practice up to over 600 clients with a healthy fee bank, gaining 150 clients in the last year alone. He maintained a good growth rate through the pandemic, with a 16% increase in sales, 24% increase in clients and 28% increase in fee bank.

“Clients recognise the brand and trust us, so referrals flow through the entire network which helps grow the practice. Also, the team in the marketing department are always looking at new strategies for advertising and using the best methods which attracts new clients and hence increases growth.”  

Kully has certainly been busy over what has been a stressful year for all, but he is still thoroughly enjoying being his own boss and has ambitions for further growth.

“For me, becoming a franchisee has given me the freedom and flexibility to spend more time with my family and build an asset for them for the future,” said Kully. “I’m keen to continue to grow the practice, expanding by either buying an existing practice and bringing the fee bank on board or purchasing an additional area. I truly believe that if you put the effort in you will reap the rewards.”

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