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Interview: "SITB are a tried and tested franchise who are members of the BFA."

Ross and Kay joined Snack in the Box in July 2016 and now service the Worcestershire area. They have a number of Vending Boxes, Slimline Machines and Large Combination machines now sited in customer premises.

What made you first look at SITB?

“We were looking for a business venture that we could build and run for the next decade, it was important that whatever we chose to do generated an income early in its development. While happy to take responsibility for running our own business we were looking for franchise which would give us the support we felt we needed particularly during the critical launch phase”

Why did you ultimately choose a SITB Franchise?

“SITB are a tried and tested franchise who are members of the British Franchise Association. The business model is a straight forward one which has been replicated successfully on many occasions. They presented us with a clear launch plan which gave us confidence that we would be generating an income in first few months of trading.”

Prior to purchasing the Franchise, how detailed was the SITB ‘sales/selection’ process?

“The process was comprehensive and at no point did we feel that we were being pushed into buying the franchise. In point of fact SITB went out of their way to stress that the franchise isn't for everyone. Equally SITB were keen that we spent time with existing franchisees so we had clear picture of what being a franchisee was like on a day to day basis. Every claim that the company has made during the process has been verified by our experience.”

What were your 3 key personal objectives when buying the franchise?

1). A steady income
2). A decent work/life balance
3). To grow a business which we could sell in the long term.

How did you find the initial training – did it help you in your early days as a franchisee?

“The training was comprehensive and prepared us as well for running the franchise. It is testament to the training that at no point have we felt we were out of our depth. However no training can cover every eventuality so as we continue to learn as the business develops.”

In terms of the Launch Programme, did SITB deliver what was promised?

“Absolutely, everything was delivered not only to the letter of the agreement but in the spirit of it. On occasions where we needed some additional help it was offered without being prompted.”

What have the support levels for us been like?

“Franchise Manager Support - First rate, having a dedicated manager who has actually run a franchise to guide you through some of the pitfalls of running the business is invaluable.

Engineering Support - We have lent heavily on the engineering support team and they have always been helpful and above all patient as we have come to terms with the new set of skills required to manage our vending machines.”

What are the 3 best things about running the business?

1. Providing a service that is genuinely appreciated by our customers
2. Having the flexibility to set our own routine
3. Being able to work together

Are you hitting your sales targets?

“Broadly we have hit the targets we have set, although as with any business there is variance, we have had set backs and unexpected opportunities but critically we have never felt that the targets we have were unattainable.”

What are your mid-term and long-term goals for the business?

“Our initial objective of establishing the business has largely been achieved. We now want to grow the business and make it more profitable. There is plenty of scope within our franchise area to get more customers and we are constantly refining what we do by learning what our customers want and being a little bit smarter at delivering it.

Ultimately we want to sell the business but that is way off in the future for now we are happy growing the business and delivering a service to our customers.”


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