Pathfinder Magazine

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Pathfinder magazine has been distributed by the Ministry of Defence to personnel leaving the Armed Forces each and every month since 1991 and is a vital source of information for resettling servicemen and women.

Hugely respected and highly valued by both the MoD and Service Leavers alike, Pathfinder’s role as a provider of careers advice and opportunities is a crucial part of the resettlement process.

Each month Pathfinder works closely with lead industry and trade bodies to showcase careers in a wide range of sectors and provides Service Leavers with all the information they need in order to make informed choices about the civilian career path that is right for them.

Franchising and the Forces

Franchising has proven to be a consistently popular career option among resettling military personnel and franchisors are big fans of Pathfinder’s readership.

The key to success in franchising is following the plan laid out by the franchisor and military personnel have the professionalism, commitment, dedication and sheer will to do just that.


Each month, Pathfinder is packaged, labelled and despatched by the MoD’s distribution hub in Portsmouth and is sent out to military bases across the world.

In addition to the hard copy of the magazine, Pathfinder is also produced in digital format, via the very latest digital publishing technology, and is circulated to the readership in advance of the print magazine being distributed.

The digital magazine is also available via the Pathfinder website - In addition to the website, Pathfinder produces two weekly e-newsletters that are sent to thousands of subscribers on an op-in basis. Pathfinder also has an extremely active social media presence with a reach unrivalled by any other provider of resettlement information.

For further information about Pathfinder call 0191 442 0198 or email