bfa London franchise seminars 2019

London franchise seminars

The bfa run educational seminars in London for those looking to buy into an existing franchise network (Prospective Franchisee Seminars) and also for those looking to franchise their business (Prospective Franchisor Seminars).

Prospective Franchisee Seminars

The bfa prospective franchisee seminars aim to help you understand franchising and the key considerations, both in regards to the franchise and your own circumstances, that are required when exploring the opportunities that becoming a franchisee offers.

The cost of attending the seminar is £49.50pp (prices are exclusive of VAT)

We are running this seminar on the following date:

Prospective Franchisor Seminars

This seminar is ideal for those who have an existing business and are considering expansion using the franchise business model. The seminar will help you to decide if franchising is right for your business and to understand the key considerations in developing a successful franchise operation. 

The cost of attending is £195pp (Prices are exclusive of VAT. For two bookings please contact the bfa office as they can offer you the second booking half price).

We are running this seminar on the following date:

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