Food franchise FAQs

We regularly get asked a lot about food franchise opportunities available in the UK. We have out together a selection of questions and answers relating to food franchises below:

What is the most popular food franchise to purchase in the UK?
It is not about finding the most popular franchise but instead which franchise is right for you. There are many food franchises to choose from. You just need to walk down your local high street and you will more than likely come across a number of food franchises - McDonalds franchise, Burger King franchise, Subway franchise, Domino's Pizza franchise to name a few. You need to look at each opportunity in more detail, know what is required of you when you buy the franchise. You will be amazed by the amount of people who tell us they want to have a McDonalds franchise but have no desire to be serving food day in day out! Also, how much money do you need? Can you afford the investment? Do you need to open more than one franchise or can you just run it is a single unit? Make sure you identify if a food franchise is for you and if so, which one is right for you, not which one you think will make you the most money! You are only successful if you enjoy what you are doing.

Is Domino's Pizza a good food franchise opportunity?
Domino's Pizza is one of the UK's leading takeaway and home delivery pizza franchises, with over 700 UK franchises. There are however a number of other pizza franchises available in the UK also, including Perfect Pizza franchise, Papa Johns franchise or Pizza Hut franchise, therefore it is essential that you fully research the market to ensure you find the pizza franchise opportunity that is right for you.

What are the differences between a McDonalds franchise and a Subway franchise?
Both McDonalds and Subway are food franchises in the UK, however McDonalds is a fast food burger franchise whereas Subway is a specialist sandwich franchise. Benefits and fees will vary between each food franchise, but both will require considerable investment. There are also a number of other food franchises available in the UK so it is essential that you fully research the market to ensure you pick the best option for you.

How much investment would I typically need for a food franchise in the UK?
As the majority of UK food franchises are retail based, with many looking for the franchisee to have the cash and ability to run several of their stores i.e. multi-unit franchising, they require a large amount of investment. The exact amount will vary from food franchise to food franchise; however there are some mobile food franchises and vending franchise opportunities available for those with less cash to invest.

Is a food franchise a good investment in the current economic climate?
The UK food franchise industry is consistent throughout the year, including in times of economic uncertainty. Many people are turning away from the expensive option of having lunch or dinner in a restaurant, instead turning to the cheaper option of eating in a fast food restaurant. If you therefore want a franchise that is resilient in times of economic uncertainty, and have money to invest, a food franchise could be the ideal franchise business for you.

What are the different types of food franchises available to purchase in the UK?
There are many different types of food franchises available in the UK. For example, pizza delivery franchises, burger franchises, bakery franchises, fast food franchises, catering franchises, juice bar franchises, restaurant franchises, health food franchises and many more. Each of these food franchises will require a different level of investment depending on the type of premises required, whether you are required to buy multi-franchise units and the brand name you are buying into.

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