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Below are some FAQs we have been asked about Burger King franchise. Please be aware that the accuracy of this information may change and so it is vital you contact Burger King franchise direct if wanting to know current costs, requirements etc. These FAQs however will give you a guideline as to what it takes to become a Burger King franchise owner.

Does Burger King franchise in the UK?
Yes you can own a Burger King Franchise in the UK, however Burger King looks for partners who can open up a number of units, therefore it is a minimum requirement when purchasing a Burger King Franchise in the UK that successful applicants show they have a minimum of £250k to invest.

What is the cost of a UK Burger King franchise?
Depending on the type of restaurant and investment model, a UK Burger King franchise can cost between £250k and £800k.

How long is a Burger King UK Franchise Agreement?
A Burger King Franchise Agreement in the UK generally lasts for 20 years.

What are the ongoing fees for a Burger King franchise in the UK?
An initial fee of US$40,000 per restaurant is payable for a UK Burger King Franchise. The ongoing fees for a Burger King franchise in the UK are 5% of total sales plus an additional 5% of total sales towards a national marketing fund.

How do I apply to become a Burger King franchisee in the UK?
There are several steps involved in becoming a UK Burger King franchisee. You will initially be asked to complete a pre-approval questionnaire, and will then move through several different approval processes before being formally accepted as a Burger King Franchisee.

How long is the Burger King franchisee training programme?
The Burger King franchise training programme lasts for 15 weeks. As a new Burger King franchisee you will be asked to attend one of Burger King's dedicated training centres throughout the UK.

What are my chances of success as a Burger King franchisee in the UK?
Burger King has well established success in franchising within the UK. Approximately 90% of UK Burger King restaurants are franchised, however success mainly depends upon the quality of operation, good site location and local market conditions.

Is Burger King the best UK burger chain franchise to buy?
A Burger King franchise in the UK is a highly successful burger chain franchise option, however there are a number of other burger chain franchises for sale in the UK, therefore it is important that you research the market fully in order to ensure that you pick the best option for you.

How long does it take between submitting my application to become a UK Burger King franchisee and the opening of my UK Burger King franchise?
On average it takes approximately 12 months between your application to become a UK Burger King franchisee and the opening of your UK Burger King franchise. However, this will depend on your availability, geographical flexibility and timings in respect of property negotiations.

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